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The FBI raids Empire, Dynasty and Lucious's home in hopes of finding evidence linking Lucious to Bunkie's murder. Due to the uproar, Thirsty brings the family together and proposes that they all put aside their differences and come together as a family unit, until Lucious can find Vernon.

Cookie goes to Lucious and asks for a truce. If Lucious promises to let her back on the radio, stop poaching her artists and lay off her masters, Hakeem will do a music video with Jamal. A move that will help them both. Lucious agrees. 

Meanwhile, Jamal takes pictures in preparation for a cover spread on Rolling Stone. 

At the vide shoot, the theme is revealed to be post-apocalyptic black panther. Lucious attempts to sway Hakeem back to Empire by gifting him with some new beats. 

Jamal is presented with a huge picture of himself that everyone loves, prompting Hakeem to become agitated and piercing it with a knife. As they continue filming the video, Jamal and Hakeem get into a fight, effectively shutting down production. 

While the shoot is taking place, Cookie is hauled into prison by the D.A. She threatens Cookie and her boys, forcing Cookie to give her something on Lucious. Cookie tells her that before Bunkie's murder, he and Lucious were fighting over the radio station deal. The D.A. promises to get that deal tied up in the courts for years. 

Andre realizes that exposing Vernon's body would lead to the case against Lucious being dismissed, so he and Rhonda set out to recover it. Thirsty and Lucious eventually find them and they dig up Vernon's body together, before placing the rotting corpse into the D.A.'s car. 

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Empire Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

You are absolutely going to do the cover of Rolling Stone. This isn't when we hide, this is when we roar.

Lucious [to Jamal]

Payback is a bitch, Lucious!