Empire Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Poor Yorick

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Can't we all just get along?

Well, no you can't if you're a member of the Lyon family. When tasked with putting aside the massive amount of differences they have for one day, the family could not pull it off. Paintings were slashed, egos were bruised and a perfectly good Mad Max castoff set was wasted. 

And all this went down while Cookie sat in an interrogation room across from the world's worst dressed district attorney. It was just another day for these characters on Empire Season 2 Episode 4 and a decent filler installment to set us up for what's to come. 

The FBI was looking for anything to connect Lucious to Bunkie's death and they were raiding homes and studios alike. Thirsty, who's just really making himself at home, decided this meant the whole family needed to come together and show solidarity. It's a shame these people just can't get it together. 

As much as I can't stand Lucious, Empire wouldn't exist if he wasn't a part of this world. He's the antagonist of this piece and in order for him to fully thrive in that role, he can't go to prison. Therefore, it was just a matter of time before Vernon was found.

The Lucious and Andre conversations of the week have got to stop. Each time Andre pleads to him about wanting to get back into Empire I cringe. I just want to shake him and yell "You don't need Empire!" Then give him a big hug because he always looks so darn sad. 

Andre: If I get the case dismissed, am I the CFO again?
Lucious: Dre, if you make this mess go away, you can have anything you want.

It was wildly clear to Andre (and us for that matter) how Andre was going to weasel his way back into the company. He was going to produce Vernon's body. And that he did....with the help of Lucious. 

I'm never surprised by Lucious and the gross things he does, so helping his son dig up his lifelong friend and then congratulating him like he just won a spelling bee wasn't the least bit shocking. Lucious has distanced himself and crushed Andre's spirit on more than one occasion, yet he aids in killing a man and covering it up and suddenly Lucious is a proud father. 

I understand that Vernon was looking to bring Lucious to justice, but still. Lucious is the worst. 

Andre wasn't the only son Lucious was interested in this week, as he made a push to get Hakeem back to Empire. Was anyone slightly worried that he may fall for Lucious's charms?

I was, if only because the Hakeem and Cookie dynamic is so new. And father and son have so much history. 

You know why I made Jamal the head of the company? Because he can do the work without his mama.


If I thought Hakeem might leave Dynasty, his father's little dig put the kibosh on that. 

While the whole family is essentially at war, the biggest conflict seems to be between middle and youngest brother. When Jamal was chosen to run the company, there was bound to be feelings of hurt, rejection and jealousy. Those emotions were plastered on Hakeem's face, as he watched his father fawn over that picture of Jamal. 

I wasn't sure what would need to happen to get these two back to the place they were in Empire Season 1, but it's become increasingly clearer it's a matter of them both putting aside their gigantic egos and appreciating the good in one another, instead of comparing themselves to one another. 

That's a hard thing to accomplish when your own father is constantly pitting you against each other. 

Random Notes

  • Did I go an entire review without talking about Cookie? Has hell frozen over? Cookie was present, but she wasn't a focal point. She spent a good chunk of time locked in a room with the D.A,. who was pretty awful. Not was Cookie threatened, so were her boys! That was a hell no moment in living rooms across America. It's a good thing Cookie is so damn smart and she's got Lucious's radio deal all messed up, while keeping herself free.
  • Michael was giving a lot of side eye this week. Perhaps he sees what we all see; Jamal is feeling himself WAY too much. 
  • I personally loved the music video motif. It totally worked for the song and the production value was insane. Thoughts?
  • Did anyone else feel slightly bad for Boo Boo Kitty when she was cast aside by Cookie AGAIN? I found myself oddly wanting to give her a small hug. Or at the very least a light slap on the shoulder. 
  • Hakeem may have found a new singer for his girl group. The kid is persistent, you have to give him that. 
  • Andre told Rhonda that God is speaking to him. That wasn't a throwaway line and it's likely to come up again, so I'm going to wait to see how that plays out. 
  • Putting Vernon's rotting corpse in the D.A.'s car was a total Lucious move. As was greeting her at the front door naked. Lucious is just so subtle. 
  • Song of the week? Power over money. Or whatever the song was called was catchy enough, but nothing special. 
  • One more RIP to Vernon. Rest easy. 

It's time to turn things over to you! What were your thought on "Poor Yorick"? What will Anika do now? Are you glad Andre is back at Empire? Were you a fan of Jamal's mural?

As always, leave a comment here and watch Empire online right now so you're not left out of the Thursday morning conversation!

NOTE: Empire Season 2 Episode 5 titled "Be True" airs on October 21st! 

Poor Yorick Review

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