Gotham Season 2 Episode 6 Review: By Fire

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Not only was there plenty of lunacy on Gotham Season 2 Episode 6, there was also plenty of emotion. 

It was a pretty intense hour. 

Gotham deserves lots of credit for shaking up the status quo and making Firefly a woman, especially considering it didn't go over very well with some.

I never had a problem with the gender flip. My problem was with how meek and clueless Bridget was. As it turns out, it was all part of her transformation.

Full of Fire - Gotham

Selina should probably take some credit for Bridgit's transformation, too. After all, it was Selina who told Bridgit to free herself from her crazy brothers on Gotham Season 2 Episode 5. Now that Bridgit is under Selina's wing, she may actually learn how to empower herself. But not before she continues her stupid act for a few more beats.

Like questioning Selina about committing a "crime."  As if she never knew her brothers were pyromaniac criminals who committed crimes on a regular basis. And did she happen to forget she set fire to some buildings and stole a knife from a safe? Oh, and she killed a police officer, but she's worried about a little "crime"? C'mon.

So the two set off to a sex-slave auction and rob a bunch of lowlifes. This becomes a turning point for Bridgit when she sees the women being sold are locked in cages. There is no time to save any of them, but that little piece of information stays tucked in Bridgit's mind. She forms a bond with these unknown women.

This could have been a great scene, but it was ruined by the stupidity factor Gotham seems to paint on all its women. Selina is well-versed in the street life, so why would she put on a mask to start the robbery only to take it off after she shoots her gun? She knows how to play the game, so why would she do something so out of character?

Follow that with Bridgit showing up and not wearing her mask. She's playing with fire and she's wanted by the cops, so why take the risk with your identity? And then, when they leave the place, instead of running home, they decide to take refuge behind a car, which just so happens to be in the view of a surveillance camera. 

It's either sloppy robbery or sloppy writing. I vote for the latter.

While Bridgit doesn't get herself and her brains together until after her brothers chain her up again, what was great was how her appearance changed as she went through the transformation journey. She started out dowdy, but then her hair was in a neat updo, and she had makeup on.

Then her brothers made that final push and that spelled the end of the Pike brothers and the beginning of the true Firefly. At least until she set herself on fire and "died."

I felt bad for Selina when she found out that Bridgit didn't make it. Bridgit had become like a sister to She also trusted Jim, who gave her his word that nothing would happen to Bridgit. She was very angry with Jim and had every right to be. He had failed her. His word meant nothing. And now she has nothing.

It's going to be interesting to see how this shapes Selina in the future.

The future didn't bode well for Kristin Kringle, which I think may have been her own fault. I still don't understand why she didn't fight off Nygma. He had one hand on her mouth and the other around her neck. Her hands were free, and as far as I could tell, so were her knees.

And why did Nygma pull such a stupid move anyway? I just don't get it. Still, it was heartbreaking to see how devastated Nygma was after he realized he killed her.

I wonder if she'll make it down to the Indian Hill pit.

Speaking of Indian Hill, what was that place? Is that where Galavan's monsters are going to come from? Who was the lady clad in leather? Is this Gotham's version of the Lazarus Pit? I want to know more!!

While "By Fire" had its ridiculous moments, its emotional components hit this one out of the park. 

Odds and Ends

  • That was one badass move by Selina to get the gun from one of the Pike brothers. 
  • Butch's mallet hand? Outrageous. What was more interesting was what Butch told Penguin about the "Tiger Lady." And what is with Penguin doing nothing but drinking? Is he that paralyzed about his mother? 
  • When the cops surrounded Bridgit at the sex-slave auction house, why didn't the cops do anything about the sex-slave auction? I thought Barnes was trying to clean up Gotham. Wouldn't he have known about this? And if he didn't, wouldn't he have figured it out after he got the surveillance tape? Frustrating!
  • We need more Bullock. His comment about BBQ was priceless.
  • How could Bruce not know what was going on in his own company? Wouldn't he be suspicious? Galavan is such a skank!

What did you think of "By Fire"? Have any theories on the ending? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and remember, you can watch Gotham online anytime right here on TV Fanatic!

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