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Butch is in Galavan's office begging for a job. Tabitha is suspicious. Barbara is there as well. She reminds Butch of the time he held her hostage.

There is a Gotham City senator in the background hanging on for dear life.

Tabitha tells Galavan that they can put "cool things" on Butch's stump if they hire him. Galavan relents and brings him aboard.

Gordon is chasing a street thug. Two of the Strike Force team members are following. Jim punches the guy looking for information about Bridgit aka Firefly. Josie reminds Jim that he broke protocol. The other team member says that Gordon will have to be reported. Gordon doesn't care.

Bridgit is at Selina's place, cleaning up. She can't sleep. Selina encourages her to leave Gotham. Bridgit says she has no money so Selina comes up with a plan. Bridgit is surprised that it's going to involve crime. They go to a female sex slave auction. Selina goes in first to tells the men attending the auction that she is there for a robbery. Selina shows up shortly after, flamethrowing. They steal, the money then take off through the alley. They wait behind a car with no masks on before running away.

Gordon is being admonished by Barnes. Barnes show Gordon surveillance of the robbery.

Bruce and Alfred are boxing. Bruce thinks he's ready until Alfred brings up Silver. Bruce gets distracted and Alfred punches him. Bruce realizes he is not ready.

Lee and Kristin are talking about Dougherty and Nygma in the records room. Nygma is outside the door listening. Kristin describes her troubles with Dougherty and her wish that Nygma would be more bold. Nygma comes in with coffee for Kristin and invites her to dinner.

At the station, Bullock is asking Ivy about Selina. Ivy claims she doesn't know anything, until Bullock bribes her. He tells Gordon where he can find Selina.

Selina and Bridgit are walking to the bus station when Bridgit's brothers show up and take her. Selina fights off one of the brothers taking a shotgun in the process.

Back at her place she is getting bullets and more weapons from hidden compartment. Gordon breaks in and they are pointing guns at each other. Gordon wants information about Bridgit. After initally refusing, Selina gives up Bridgit. Gordon gives her his "word" that he will give Bridgit a share shake.

At Pike's place, Bridgit is chained to a radiator. Joe Pike throws firecrackers at his sister while admonishing her for not coming home. After she agrees to not do it again, they let her go and she goes to make them dinner.

Butch comes back to Penguin's lair, a mallet on his stump. He tells Penguin he's in with Galavan. 

The Pike brothers are playing around when Bridgit shows up in her Firefly suit. She sets them on fire.

Bullock and Gordon show up and find the dead Pike brothers. As Gordon is looking around, Joe Pike revives shortly, grabbing Bullock's ankle. He kicks him off and Joe dies.

Butch is in Galavan's office looking for information about Penguin's mother. He finds the remote to the TV showing Gertrud. Galavan walks in, but Butch turns the TV off in time. Galavan calls Butch out and Butch tells Galavan that he is a slave. Galavan calls Tabitha who whips him and then knocks him out.

Jim is in Barnes' office telling him about Bridgit. Barnes doesn't care. he wants her to pay for her crimes.

Selina finds Bridgit on a rooftop they used to play on when they were younger. Selina tells her she knows about her killing her brothers. Bridgit doesn't care. She's happy about it. Bridgit has changed. Selina tries talking her out of becoming villainy, but Bridgit doesn't listen. Selina leaves, but comes back to give Bridgit a hug.

Galavan is having dinner with Bruce and Silver. Tabitha shows up with blood on her face, presumably Butch's. Galavan makes a toast to family.

Nygma is having dinner with Kristin. He want to tell Kristin something, but she hushes him and takes him to bed.

Jim gets a call from Selina telling him where he can find Bridgit. She is at the slave auction place.  The police surround the warehouse and she comes out threatening to set everyone on fire. Gordon tries to control the situation, but one cop starts firing. It hits Bridgit's gas can. Gas starts to drip as she sets a cop car on fire. When it explodes, it sets her on fire. Nobody does anything. 

Galavan and Bruce are talking in front of a fire. Galavan tells Bruce that Bunderslaw went missing at Wayne Enterprises. He tells Bruce that he wants to help Bruce once he becomes mayor. Bruce agrees and they shake on it.

Butch shows up all bloody at Penguin's lair, tells him he found his mom. Penguin gathers the troops.

Selina is holding Lee hostage. Jim comes home. He tells her about Bridgit. Selina is angry and storms out.

Nygma brings Kristin water and then tells her about what he did to Dougherty. At first she doesn't believe him until he brings out Dougherty's badge. She gets up to leave, yelling at him. He doesn't let her leave, tells her how much he loves her, tries to keep her quiet by holding his hand over her mouth, his other hand around her neck. As he explains himself, he is choking her to death.

Penguin and his troops prepare their guns. Selina is crying on the rooftop. Nygma is on the floor, wailing as he holds Kristin. He screams.

Underneath a toxic waste dump, two orderlies are wheeling Bridgit through a corridor. They are talking about how it's claimed that Bridgit is dead, but that they bring people down here with other "monsters" to experiment on them. Bridgit is wheeled to a room. The facility is Indian Hill and it's owned by Wayne Enterprises.

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Gotham Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Go find my mother before I chop off your other hand.


Oh, yes! We can put cool things on his stump, like knives and mallets and stuff.