Grey's Anatomy Round Table: The New Bailey

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We're back for another Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

On Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 2, Bailey had trouble adjusting to her role as chief, while Jackson and April continued to struggle with their relationship.

See what TV Fanatic writers Stacy Glanzman, Elizabeth Harlow, Amanda Steinmetz and Ashley Bissette Sumerel had to say about "Walking Tall."

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Do you think Jackson is being too hard on April?

Stacy: Honestly, no. He's hurt right now and has every right to be. He's always been supportive of her and been there for her, and she just left him when he needed her the most. She's not listening to him right now at all. I'm not saying she should give up, but he clearly needs some space right now and she should recognize that and give it to him. That fake 911 page would have majorly ticked me off.

Elizabeth: Oooooh, that's a tough one for me! On the one hand, Jackson was pretty clear about what he needed after she came back the first time, and her earlier avoidance (not unlike Jackson now) only made matters worse. On the other hand, she was grieving and messed up not only by loss but by hormones, and I admire her wanting to fight to save her marriage. They've needed a marriage counselor for a long time now, and she should go on her own even if Jackson won't come at first. I really hope they make it!

Amanda: I want these two to work things out so badly! I understand where Jackson is coming from, but I don't want him to give up completely now that April is back and wants to fix their marriage. They both need to come to terms with the mistakes they made after losing the baby.

Ashley: I have a tough time with this one too, but I do think he's being a little too hard on her. I'm frustrated with both of them, and I just want them to talk things through, and yes, maybe see a counselor.

How should Bailey have handled things differently on her first day as chief?

Stacy: Maybe she could have given everyone a chance to speak before leaving her surprise breakfast? Of course there will be growing pains, but Bailey was made for this job. She'll be fine.

Elizabeth: By taking up mindful meditation? I think Bailey often covers her insecurity with a kind of blustering, demanding brashness, so I'm not sure she actually could have done anything differently. Especially since in the past, with her interns, that attitude got results, pushing people below her to be their best selves. Some of the nothing from the attending also just seemed like typical new boss stuff – people don't really like change.

Amanda: Bailey will make a wonderful chief, but she needs to learn to listen to other people.

Ashley: I think she fought so hard to get that job that she just took it on a little too strong right out of the gate. That surprise breakfast broke my heart! I wish she had seen her cake at least.

Will Callie and Arizona ever get back together?

Stacy: I'm still holding out hope for them. I'm okay with them seeing other people as long as they can be friends. I just don't want to see them fighting anymore.

Elizabeth: I'm not sure, and I don't even know if I think that Arizona should take Callie back if that were on the table. This awkward "let's be friends" thing is painful to watch though.

Amanda: I don't know, but it's just plain weird to watch them interact at the hospital as "friends." They were never my favorite pairing, but I wouldn't mind seeing a reconciliation.

Ashley: I hope so! I feel like the "friends" thing is hard to watch, too, but maybe that's a step in the direction of getting them back together?

Was there anything that disappointed you about "Walking Tall?"

Stacy: I'm not really interested in the Owen/Amelia relationship. I could have done without Owen's concerns that she's avoiding him.

Elizabeth: While I'm sure that there will be payoff later, I wasn't a fan of intern Creeper going all puppy dog over Jo. For one thing, I'm a little afraid that the payoff is going to end with him trying to kill Alex (because GREY'S!). And how come the new interns don't have nicknames yet? And they don't have names for the residents or attendings? What is happening over at at Seattle-Grace-Mercy-Death?

Amanda: Nothing in particular stood out to me. I guess I found the episode a little lackluster in general.

Ashley: I'm with Elizabeth on the intern thing. That was just annoying. I also didn't love Jo getting crushed by the patient – it came off too cartoonish or something.

What was your favorite quote or scene from this episode?

Stacy: I loved Meredith calling out Bailey on the steps when she was trying to update her on her own patients. I also loved Bailey's explanation later that she needed Meredith to be her "me."

Elizabeth: The scene with Meredith and Bailey at the end was good, but I'm going to go with April getting so worked up with Jackson that she ran into the glass. It was so good to see her fully engaging again AND it was funny.

Amanda: I'm with Elizabeth on the April running into the glass. I also liked the concept of having her trapped in their while everyone talked with her on the outside.

Ashley: I agree with Stacy on both of those moments – especially Meredith calling out Bailey.

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I've been waiting for this day my entire career. I promised them candy disco rainbows, and now I have to deliver.


Bailey! These are your patients. Look, I'm happy you're chief. I'm all for it. But I am taking my day to service your patients and mine. And it's getting done. I'm on it. But if you're going to do this to me, if you're going to drown me, at least take two seconds to listen to the update of your patients. I deserve more than to be dismissed. I deserve more. Respectfully, chief.