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Bailey is nervous about her first day as the chief of surgery.

Meredith, Amelia, and Maggie pick up Alex for work so they can all carpool together. Alex's neighborhood doesn't look safe.

Arizona notices a rash on April's back. Because it's combined with other symptoms, April is put in quarantine until they can figure out what's wrong with her.

A patient comes in with a headache, but there's a bigger issues. She's extremely tall and continues to grow. The doctors discover she has a tumor.

Bailey pushes everyone to help the patient in a short length of time based on the patient's wishes.

Arizona finds out what Callie is seeing someone new.

Owen worries about the fact that Amelia seems to be avoiding him.

Meredith is having trouble juggling all of her responsibilities along with Bailey's patients. Edwards finds ways to help Meredith even if she sometimes cheats by saying everything is "for the chief."

Everyone is frustrated with the way Bailey is leading. Bailey finds out they don't like her as chief, and Webber encourages her.

The surgeons still work together to for the surgery and it is a success.

Bailey asks Meredith to be chief of general surgery.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 2 Quotes

I've been waiting for this day my entire career. I promised them candy disco rainbows, and now I have to deliver.


Bailey! These are your patients. Look, I'm happy you're chief. I'm all for it. But I am taking my day to service your patients and mine. And it's getting done. I'm on it. But if you're going to do this to me, if you're going to drown me, at least take two seconds to listen to the update of your patients. I deserve more than to be dismissed. I deserve more. Respectfully, chief.