How To Get Away With Murder Round Table: Is That You Eggs 911?

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These flash forwards are out of control, you guys!

The end of How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 Episode 2 left us with so many questions and theories, we don't even know where to begin.

Heck, before our jaws collectively dropped, we were introduced to a potential new love interest for Michaela, who has some ties to an old (dead) friend. Things are really getting juicy now!

Below, TV Fanatics Rachel Miller, Amanda Steinmetz, Miranda Wicker and Whitney Evans gather to discuss and debate all these developments and more...

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What was your favorite quote or scene?

Rachel: I enjoyed watching Annalise take the stand at Nate’s trial. It was interesting to see her deny everything regarding her involvement in Sam’s death and attempting to make Nate look like the bad guy. Emily Sinclair knows Annalise is guilty, and she enjoyed making Annalise squirm.

Amanda: In terms of drama, probably the scene between Bonnie and Annalise where Annalise said everyone is better off without her around. I also can't wait to see what their history is and why Bonnie is so devoted to her. For a funnier scene, I've got to go with Frank getting Laurel all hot and bothered before showing her the door.

Miranda: That was a great scene, Amanda, but I can't help but think that Annalise is "handling" Bonnie. I can't decide if Annalise is cold and calculating all the time or if she really feels remorse for the ways these people's lives are more unsteady for being in hers. But that scene with Frank? Yeah, I'm going to go replay that one again.

Whitney: The last scene was great! Through 2 episodes, I think the flash forwards are much more absorbing than the ones from the first season. It's just making me so excited to see how this group gets to the place they're at in the future.

Are you hoping Eve comes back again?

Rachel: I think Eve’s services are no longer needed. Annalise just wanted to use Eve to make sure Nate didn’t go down for Sam’s murder.

Amanda: I'm sure we'll definitely see her again, and it wouldn't surprise me if we see her in the flash forward.

Miranda: The writers would be doing themselves a huge disservice not to have Famke Jansen back, so yes, I think we'll see her again.

Whitney: I think she'll show up again, but I'm not sure she's really needed. I agree with Amanda though, if we do see her, it'll be in the flash forwards.

Do you think Nate is going to go after Annalise?

Rachel: Yep! At this point, Nate no longer trusts Annalise, but can you blame him? I think Nate will be the one to figure out who really killed Sam and expose what Annalise and her students are hiding.

Amanda: Maybe in some capacity. I know a lot of people are already thinking he has something to do with her getting shot, but I'm not convinced yet. It's too easy.

Miranda: I don't think he's responsible for her shooting, but yes, I definitely think he's going to try to uncover what actually happened to Sam that night, which will probably lead to him learning that Frank killed Lila, and all of this will lead to Nate getting killed.

Whitney: Hell yes! I think he's going after Annalise hard, but the more I think about it, I'm starting to feel like he may not make it out of this season alive.

Since we know Levi and Rebecca were acquainted, is it safe to assume he is up to something when it comes to befriending Michaela?

Rachel: It was very strange how Levi just randomly showed up at the courthouse the same time Annalise and her students were there. Levi also made it a point to speak with Michaela first. He definitely knows who Michaela is. I think Levi will use his charm to get close to Michaela to figure out what happened to Rebecca after she sent that mysterious text.

Amanda: Unless proven otherwise, I'm assuming Levi is Eggs 911, so he's definitely getting close to Michaela for ulterior motives. Maybe he's trying to figure out what happened to Rebecca.

Miranda: Levi has the upper hand here in that at the very least he knows Michaela knew Rebecca. I'm guessing Levi is Rebecca's brother and Michaela is in pretty serious danger. (Also, how dumb is this very smart girl?)

Whitney: It's pretty safe to assume Levi and Eggs 911 are one in the same. I love that theory, Miranda! He's definitely going to be using Michaela and doing his best to infiltrate the group.

What are your thoughts about what we've seen in the flash forwards so far?

Rachel: I think Emily Sinclair finally figured out Annalise and the infamous foursome’s involvement in Sam’s death. Sinclair was probably trying to confront Annalise and all hell breaks loose. I honestly don’t think Annalise will make it out alive. If she does die, how will the students dig themselves out of this hole? They could barley handle keeping quiet about Sam’s death.

Amanda: Now that we've seen Prosecutor Emily Sinclair dead in the flash forward, I'm even more intrigued by what will go down. I'm curious to see why Connor is so concerned with not leaving Annalise's side. I'm also convinced Asher will be involved somehow since we know he had to give information to Emily Sinclair.

Miranda: If Asher turns out to be the shooter, I will fist pump in my living room. Matt McGorry is fantastic and I love him, but I really want his character to be less of a D-bag. Not that shooting people would make him less idiotic, but I'd really like to see him stand up for this team. As for the flash forwards, part of me wouldn't be surprised if we learned Annalise shot herself after shooting Emily Sinclair and she's trying to frame her clients for it.

Whitney: Look no further than my answer to question 1 to hear my enthusiasm about the flash forwards. They are so dense and dark and they offer up so many questions. The Asher theory has been brought up in the comments and I really like that line of thinking. It's about time Asher got involved in all the seedy behavior on this show!

Be sure to watch How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 Episode 3 on October 8 and come on back here for a full review!

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Laurel: Michaela! You are not going to Nate's trial.
Michael: I never said I was! Okay, I can't be the only one who wants to go.
Connor: You want us, the real murderers, to go to the fake murderes trial?
Wes: Annalise would kill us!
Laurel: I'd kill you!

You're running point on Caleb and Catherine. And don't you dare smile. The only reason I haven't fired you is cause I can't be in two places at once. Screw up again, you're gonna be the next dead body in this house.

Annalise [to Bonnie]