How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: What is Asher's Secret?

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Just what are Wes and Nate up to?

An intriguing twosome emerged on How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 3 - and their partnership could tie into the predicament Annalise finds herself in just a few short months in the future. 

Below, TV Fanatics Rachel Miller, Amanda Steinmetz, Miranda Wicker and Whitney Evans gather around to talk about another crazy installment of the twisty primetime thriller...

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What was your favorite quote or scene?

Rachel: It would have to be the moment we found out that Levi was Rebecca’s foster brother. I assumed he was one of Rebecca’s ex-boyfriends or best friend.

Amanda: I liked the scene where everyone found out Michaela never had an orgasm. The look of shock on their faces was amazing!

Miranda: I'm a sucker for Oliver and Connor, so Connor's confession that he didn't cheat on Oliver or his 21-day wait just got me right in the heart.

Whitney: I liked the bar scene with Laurel and Bonnie. I'm glad Laurel FINALLY admitted she likes Frank for more than his pretty face.

Is Annalise losing her mind?

Rachel: Annalise is definitely losing her mind; she doesn’t know whether she is coming or going. All of Annalise’s lies are slowly catching up with her, and she’s getting pretty sloppy with hiding her secrets.

Amanda: How could she not as this point? I agree that her lies are definitely going to catch up with her culminating to the night she gets shot.

Miranda: I'm really not sure if she's losing her mind or if all of this is very, very calculated behavior from a woman who will do anything to win.

Whitney: It sure seems like she is. She hasn't been the same since Sam's death, and it feels like she's crumbling under all the lies she's told over the past few months.

What do you think about Levi still seeing Michaela after Wes told him to back off?

Rachel: Levi doesn’t know who to trust. He probably thinks Wes had something to do with Rebecca’s mysterious disappearance. I think Levi will continue to use Michaela in order to find out more about Annalise and Wes and their involvement with Rebecca’s crazy ‘Eggs 911’ text. Michaela isn’t too great at keeping a secret and is desperate for a man right now, so I can totally see her accidentally revealing some juicy secrets to Levi.

Amanda: I'm still not convinced Levi is who he says he is. He could still very well be Eggs 911. Levi is probably staying close to Michaela to get information, but I'm sure he'll develop feelings for her.

Miranda: Did we really expect him to leave? I agree that Levi will play everyone for as long as he can to get whatever information he can from whomever he believes might have it. And in the meantime, Michaela will get to have some fun.

Whitney: I agree with Amanda, in that there is so much more to learn about Levi. I don't think he trusts Wes one bit, so there was never really a chance he was just going to disappear. But it'll be interesting to see how long he can keep up the charade with Michaela.

Who has the most interesting relationship right now? Connor and Oliver, Frank and Laurel or Asher and Bonnie?

Rachel: I would have to say Asher and Bonnie. They’re total opposites and are kind of awkward together. We already know Bonnie a little off her rocker, so it’ll be interesting to learn more on Asher’s backstory.

Amanda: Definitely Asher and Bonnie. I can't wait to learn more about their back stories, especially Asher's secret involving that girl.

Miranda: Frank and Laurel!! That scene with the two of them last week? It's still on my mind. Plus, we know very little about Frank except that he's well connected and also kills people, seemingly with little remorse. Bonnie's backstory can way. We've been waiting for more about Frank since we watched him murder Lila Stangard.

Whitney:I'm going with Asher and Bonnie because I think they're two of the more interesting characters in general. Their relationship was totally weird, but they did seem to like one another, so I'm hopeful they can work things out.

What is Asher's secret?

Rachel: I think Asher may have gotten someone pregnant and paid her off to keep quiet.

Amanda: I have no idea, but it's clearly bad. Maybe he was somehow involved in the girl's accidental death and his father cleaned up his mess for him...

Miranda: Ditto Amanda. I think he killed her, but I don't know that his father helped him clean it up. When he went to his dad, he said "I'm in trouble" and not "we're in trouble." If his dad did help, I don't think the DA knows that part.

Whitney: Given the title of this show, I just don't see how this secret doesn't involve this girl's death.

How shocked were you to see Wes at Nate's apartment?

Rachel: I wasn’t shocked at all. Annalise set Nate up to take the fall for Sam’s murder. Wes knows Annalise has something to do with Rebecca’s disappearance. Both Nate and Wes know deep down, Annalise can’t be trusted, and she will go to extreme measures to save herself. The fact that we saw Nate help the Keating crew out at the mansion after Annalise was shot let’s me know that the whole thing was a set up. I think they’re all fed up with Annalise’s lies and planned to get rid of her.

Amanda: Was I supposed to be shocked? Wes is playing his own game now. He doesn't trust Annalise. Nate is the perfect person to combine forces with. Like Rachel just said, the episode ended with Nate picking them up, so at some point the others will become a part of Wes and Nate's team.

Miranda: Not even a little bit. Intrigued, yes, but not shocked at all.

Whitney: I wasn't shocked, but I was a little surprised. I found it odd that Nate had seemingly softened towards Annalise in such a short amount of time, but when I saw Wes hiding, it made more sense.

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