Limitless Season 1 Episode 3 Review: The Legend of Marcos Ramos

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Bradley Cooper is pretty easy to like and brings a charisma and charm with him to many of his roles, and it’s exciting that he is continuing to portray his movie character on Limitless Season 1.

Sure, he appears in a limited capacity on the television series, but his character’s presence is still felt, especially in his power over Brian Finch.

So it’s rather fascinating that Eddie Morra, essentially the hero of the movie Limitless, has found himself something of a villain on the TV series. Or has he?

It’s hard not to start thinking of Eddie in that way after what seemed like a pretty obvious threat from his fixer, Sands. Do what we want or the people around you get hurt.

Does that sound like something a typical good guy would do?

If anything, it makes me even more intrigued as to what type of “work” Sands/Eddie will have for Brian to do. It’s going to get very messy and complicated real quick.

And I actually liked that the series had a chance to get a little dark again by the end of Limitless Season 1 Episode 3. There’s a feeling that amongst all the procedural stuff and the fun light-hearted case solving, there can be some real stakes, too.

Again, much like Limitless Season 1 Episode 2, the hour did get to have some fun, especially when it came to Brian.

Who else enjoyed Brian’s fantasy sequences, whether it was him enjoying his moment with his ex or imagining how Rebecca would take down her target? It’s great to see him enjoying himself while using that brain power on NZT.

And I was glad that Brian was having a dilemma over getting back with his ex, especially in trying to figure out if she liked him for him or because he was super smart on the drug. I wasn’t surprised Brian tried to use the drug on the date or that when it wore off, the two still seemed to be clicking.

Though, it was Brian’s talk with Rebecca about the two Brians that really stood out. That was a real relationship building moment for the two, taking a break from all the work of catching hired killers and dirty cops to have a real heart to heart.

But the payoff for that moment really came when Brian was down and out after having to break up again with his ex, fearing for her after his meeting with Sands, and the two got to share a beer together. Rather than ditch him or stick to just being work partners, she was there for him.

I’m sure we’ll see these two wind up being romantically involved soon enough, but this was a solid moment that didn’t involve quips or busting down doors.

And I’ve got to also mention that I hope that Rebecca’s partner Spelman Boyle doesn’t disappear and become completely forgotten as the series goes on. I’m glad we get to see her have an actual partner who is competent and is more than say part of some punchline. I’d like to see Brian, Rebecca and Spelman keep working as more of a team rather than it just becoming a Brian and Rebecca show.

Plus, I hope they continue to throw “Mike and Ike” into the mix as that always adds some humor in their interactions with Brian.

So of course, Brian and the FBI saved the day and got their bad guys in the twist that it was a bunch of dirty cops involved in the murder. That wasn’t a surprise.

However, it’s the character of Brian, the fun that’s had with solving that type of case, and the sprinkling of some deeper and larger story involving Cooper’s Eddie that really has me continuing to enjoy Limitless Season 1. Things are off to a very positive start for this series.

What do you think of Sands? Did you enjoy Brian’s fantasy scenes? Sound off below, and get hooked on the series when you watch Limitless online at TV Fanatic!

NOTE: Limitless Season 1 Episode 4, "Page 44," airs Oct. 13 at 10/9c.

The Legend of Marcos Ramos Review

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