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I find it really difficult to believe a single word that comes out of Simon's mouth.

On Quantico Season 1 Episode 5, Elias almost went to Miranda to get Simon thrown out of Quantico, but he stopped after hearing Simon's tale. Does Simon's excuse make sense? Yes. It also paints a really sad picture of Simon's life.

What he did was so awful that he can't bear to be anything close to who he used to be.

I just feel like Simon has toyed with my trust too much, and at this point, I'm incapable of trusting him. My body has this automatic response to put up defenses every time Simon says something. I'm not sure what Simon could do to win my trust back. Do you believe anything not-so-simple Simon says at this point?

Alex got her story out to the public, which was one of the smartest things she's done since she's been on the run. The Unknown were a great way to get some answers about Alex's unaccounted year in India. Of course, it was hard to follow all the "incriminating" information.

The gist seems to be that Alex spent time with people who are now considered terrorists (or maybe they were terrorists back then too).

There's still so many questions surrounding Alex's missing year. This was a nice tease, and it was great that the answers came about in an unexpected way. However, we need to know more. 

Alright, here's what I just don't get, I mean aside from a good 25% of the episode. The Unknown went from being suspicious of Alex to essentially setting her up for a life on the run. Then, they made a statement that if she ever needed help, they would be there for her. I'm sorry, how long have y'all known her?

It would have been one thing if we saw that Alex requested these items as a part of her broadcasting deal. Honestly, I somehow expected them to secretly be friends with her or something. Did this bother anyone else or was it just me?

We can't send agents into terrorist cells if they can't survive a cocktail party.


I haven't been the biggest fan of Nimah and Raina's mission. However, I enjoyed watching them work during the undercover mission. It helped that their mission was part of the other NATs mission. They just had a little extra twist to it. If their future missions are like this, I definitely wouldn't mind because it doesn't feel like they are taking time away from anything important like the mission of the week at Quantico. 

Sigh, Caleb and Shelby had sex in the most predictable fashion ever.

It was one of those situations where the two people pretend to hate each other to mask their passion, and in the midst of an argument, they give in to their passion.

That isn't a bad trope. Trust me there are characters that I'm waiting for that moment to happen. The thing about Shelby and Caleb is that it all felt forced.

There's no heat. There's no passion. All there is is annoyance. Shelby should have just slapped Caleb for being a jackass and ruining her mission. Now that would have been believable, but instead they are having hate sex. 

I have my issues with Alex, but I don't think she did it.


Now, let's talk about Caleb's other persona, Mark Raymond.

What in the world is going on here? He slipped away to send an email as Mark titled "Re: Application." It read:"Thanks for your response. Look forward to meeting in person at the interview."

Bear with me as I do a little bit of linguistics. The phrase "thanks for your response," makes me think that Caleb posted a job, as Mark, and he is responding to someone who applied for the position. If he were the one who sent in an application, that's not really a phrase you would use to thank a potential employer for a chance to interview for a position. It would be something along the lines of "thanks so much for this opportunity."

What do you make of all of this? If Caleb is accepting applications for a position, how does he plan on leaving Quantico to hold interviews? There are so many questions. I guess the most important one is, do you care about Caleb's mysteries or would you rather focus on someone else?

Can you imagine if a friend lied at you from the first moment they laid eyes on you?


Ryan and Alex hooked up (again). I definitely buy that they have chemistry, but I don't really care about their romantic entanglements. I'm much more interested in the twenty million mysteries that are a part of this show. I want more answers about what everyone's hiding at Quantico, or how the quest to clear Alex's name is going. Ryan and Alex having sex and getting attached is just unnecessary drama in my eyes.

What did you think of the episode? Are you surprised that Liam seems to have valid intel that Alex is a danger to the FBI? Is anyone else ecstatic that Shelby has joined Team Alex? Shex is back! Leave me your thoughts and theories in a comment below.

Tune in next Sunday for Quantico Season 1 Episode 6, and be sure to check back in here to read my attempt at understanding what's going on. Remember you can watch Quantico online anytime via TV Fanatic.

Found Review

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