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Caleb, you are starting to make me actually like you.

On Quantico Season 1 Episode 8, Caleb proved to be the MVP, at least in the post-bombing storyline. Clayton had the gall to ask Caleb to delete all the emails between him and Shelby, and while Caleb was doing this, he discovered an email that could exonerate Alex.

This shows two very important things:

  1. Clayton has already made up his mind that Alex is the bomber.
  2. Caleb hasn't.

Caleb is still investigating, which means considering other suspects. It's nice to know that someone in the FBI (aside from Alex's "accomplices") is still actually investigating this bombing. 

We don't spend a lot of time on what that email actually means. Someone stole Alex's badge or duplicated it in some way to make it look like Alex was somewhere that she wasn't. This definitely supports the theory that someone in the FBI was behind the frame job. Anyone could have taken out credit cards in Alex's name, but the FBI badge definitely points towards someone in the FBI.

Back at Quantico, Caleb was still kind of a jerk. He looked into Shelby when he really shouldn't have. If someone is lying to you, it might be best to confront them before potentially getting that person thrown out of Quantico. 

It was so great that Miranda was aware of Shelby's secret. We've been shown that all the NATS have something that they are hiding, but at least Shelby's secret isn't something that the FBI missed. What would it say about the FBI if they couldn't run a proper background check?

Caleb 'fessed up to being a part of a cult when he was 17. Alright, now is it just me, or did his weird meeting as Mark seem a little cult-like? The language that was used made me think that there was something not all together right with whatever meeting he was going into. If it was Caleb investigating a cult on his own, it would not only make sense, but it would be something interesting for him to be doing in his spare time. 

I'm so ashamed that the last time someone cared about me the way you care about me, they were lying to get what they wanted. I never really believed that someone could like me for me.


Alex decided to turn herself in, which was an interesting move. It is hard to see what else she could do out on her own, so it's not the worst idea she's ever had. 

That being said, she should have done things a little bit differently.

For one, it probably would have been better to turn herself into someone she trusts or at least knows rather than just strolling up and getting manhandled. Admittedly, all of her friends are currently locked up, and she probably doesn't have a way to get in contact with anyone else. The Unknown might have been able to help with that one. 

The second would be to rephrase how she informed everyone about the second bomb. It came across more like a threat than a tip. Somewhere in there Alex should have worked in that she just learned there was a second bomb, or reminded people that she didn't bomb Grand Central. Instead, Alex stated that there was a bomb and the FBI needs to work fast to find it...all of which someone who planted a bomb could say as a taunt to the FBI.

The test of the week back at Quantico was a little boring. It was rushed. There was more time spent on all the personal storylines floating around, and not enough time on the team actually doing their assignment. The one thing that was pretty clear from all of this was that the NATs weren't too discrete with their ear pieces in the park. It would have been so easy for anyone to pick them out as federal agents.

Now that Riana and Nimah are out, one of the big questions is what character trait belongs to who. This hour did a pretty good job at making some differences clear. What was a little heartbreaking was that while Raina was falling for Simon, Simon seemed to be falling for Nimah.

Talk about awkward.

The last thing this show needs is another love triangle, since we already have this Natalie/Ryan/Alex thing going on, but at least this one served the point of helping to differentiate the twins. Simon was a great way to get some quick answers. Hopefully the love triangle awkwardness goes away soon though.

What did you think of the episode? What do you think Caleb is up to as Mark? Share all of your conspiracy theories and thoughts in a comment below.

Quantico returns on Sunday November 29. Remember you can watch Quantico online anytime via TV Fanatic.

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After graduation, we may all never be in the same room again. How weird is that?


Guys, we are the hunters and they are the prey.