The Originals Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Beautiful Mistake

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Nothing says "I've loved you for 1,000 years" quite like kidnapping somebody's sister, you guys. Klaus and Aurora's relationship was rekindled on The Originals Season 3 Episode 6, but will it last forever or only for a night?

If Aurora has her way, she's never letting go of Klaus Mikaelson again. Because she's sort of crazy, in case you didn't already know.

The events of "Beautiful Mistake" took place over the course of 24 hours, despite reaching all the way back to events happening over a thousand years ago. To say it was a busy 24 hours is an understatement. Thank god for astral projection!

We began the episode by catching up with Rebekah in Morocco where she's busy tracking down a spell which can bring Kol back from the dead. The spell is very, very real, and so is the threat against Rebekah's bodies. Aya shows up and does away with Rebekah's witch body quite handily, causing the real Rebekah to wake up and join the party.

I'm still not sure why witch Rebekah traveled with real Rebekah's body in a coffin and just had the thing chilling in the middle of a Moroccan restaurant/tea house place, but okay. Whatever. Maybe I missed something about the whole body-snatching thing.

Anyway. The Strix need Rebekah, or at least her body, so Aya is sent to retrieve it, which she does. The ONLY good thing about this is that maybe there's a chance we'll get more Claire Holt in the future. It's what we want for Christmas, writers! 

In New Orleans, Hayley and Marcel were busy nearly having their hearts ripped out interrogating a particularly brutal member of the Strix, Shen Min. He's an 800 year old former torturer for Genghis Khan who was known before becoming a vampire as the "Red Sorrow." NO BIG DEAL. From him we learn that Tristan wants Hayley out of the picture because she's standing in the way of Davina, and the Strix need a witch to perform their spell.

That's where Lucien comes in, and man, I really hate this guy.

As Kinney is taking Cami to the police station, Lucien arrives and steals them both away. Cami wakes up to find Kinney has been compelled to do Lucien's bidding inside the Penthouse, including but not limited to cooking a meal and/or severing his own carotid artery if Cami doesn't agree to find an ancient medallion hidden among her family's collection of dark objects.

Cami, of course, goes looking. There's a human life on the line and saving people is sort of what Cami does. Especially when they're hot people like Kinney. Along the way she and Kinney talk about the supernatural factions of New Orleans while Kinney bleeds into a bucket. The guy is not having his best day. Thanks to Lucien's final compulsion, he also won't be living his best life. (Strike...1830 against Lucien.)

And while ALL OF THAT is happening, Klaus is half-wooing, half-wary of Aurora. As he shows her the city, the two reminisce and share stories from their time apart. Well, okay, so Aurora talks. Klaus listens.

Elijah, we learn, decided to sire Tristan and then compel Tristan, Lucien, and Aurora to adopt the Mikaelson name and story, thus sending Mikael chasing them across Europe for a couple hundred years. Even after the first Original was daggered and the compulsion was broken, the Trinity were still being pursued, thus losing even more of their immortal lives to Mikael.

It sort of seems like now that Mikael's gone forever and they're, you know, immortal, it's time to let this all go, but Lucien and Tristan come from a time when men abided by a certain code. They must seek revenge for something that took place over 1,000 years ago because of course they do! They're the bad guys! It's what bad guys do, right?

Ugh. The world is big enough for all of them. There are more than enough humans to go around. 

Can you tell that parts of this story aren't adding up for me? 

Aurora, who has been locked away inside a monastery for who knows how long, and who managed to sneak into town unannounced, seems pretty well versed in the plan her brother has set in place, including knowing that Rebekah's body would be needed so that she could send her own men to steal it away from her brother.

Is she...did they concoct this plan and then Tristan believed Aurora would never go through with it so that's why he sent her to the monastery hoping he would be able to take care of this without her slaughtering a dozen people before jumping off a mountain to reunited with her long lost love? How does she know what everyone's up to?

Even though Aurora  to be on Team Klaus, I don't trust her, you guys. I just don't. Klaus might have carried a torch for her for 1,000 years, and maybe we're supposed to see them as this epic love, and maybe, in time, we will, but right now? Yeah, tread carefully, Klaus. Tell her nothing.

And then there are even MORE questions like, why did Lucien even need a seer? Was that all a ruse?

I preferred this story when there seemed to be a threat that could wipe them all out, and maybe that threat is still out there and what we're seeing now is Lucien and Tristan's workaround. Keep the Mikaelsons alive, but trapped, and you've managed to keep the beast at bay. 

It's weird how much I'm enjoying being this confused.

What do you guys think? Should Tristan and Lucien just make like Elsa? (#LetItGo) Will Klaus ever trust Aurora? See it all again and watch The Originals online while we wait for The Originals Season 3 Episode 7.

Tune in next week for our review of The Originals Season 6 Episode 7, "Out of the Easy."

Beautiful Mistake Review

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