The Walking Dead Round Table: All Life is Precious

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We met Morgan's Zen Master on The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 4. Too bad he didn't survive!

Eastman was a great guy who brought a new perspective to the survivor side of the Zombie Apocalypse and would've made a great foil for Rick and Co. Plus, he was a psychiatrist, and if there's one thing our survivors need it's a shrink!

What were our thoughts about "Here's Not Here," an episode dedicated entirely to learning about Morgan while the lives of Glenn and Rick hang in the balance? The TV Fanatic Round Table, joined by Haksaw Jack, is here to discuss that and more!

The Walking Dead Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite quote or scene from "Here's Not Here?"

Sean: "All life is precious." Eastman was such a great character gone too soon, but not only did he have some depth, but his wisdom and experience was imparted on Morgan. That quote really stuck with Morgan on his new zen path, and it really stood out to me for the episode. 

Lindsay: I loved the scene where Eastman reveals that he did, in fact, kill Crighton Dallas Wilton and the parallel it created with Morgan's own story. Watching someone starve to death is about as cruel as you can get, but Eastman still managed to return from that and live with an "all life is precious" mentality. It definitely adds a new angle to Morgan's non-violence. 

Amanda: My favorite scene was definitely Eastman telling the story of Crighton Dallas Wilton to Morgan. John Carroll Lynch is a terrific actor who had to carry the dialogue for most the episode. He held my attention the entire time.

Miranda: I really loved Eastman just whacking Morgan in the face after appearing in his savior robe. 

Jason:  "And that's why we're eating oatmeal burgers."  Eastman was a great character and had so many quotable quotes.

Pen a eulogy for Eastman.

Sean: There once was a great cheese maker. He was Morgan's Master Splinter. Now the master is gone, but his teachings will live on through his student. All life is precious.

Lindsay: Eastman went out that way he always wanted to. Protecting a precious life.

Amanda: Eastman took Morgan out of the darkness and into the light. Listen to the cheese maker, kids. All life is precious.

Miranda: Eastman, you never really conquered that cheese, but you never gave up trying. Thanks for being human, even though it was sort of silly that you had to die.

Jason:  Eastman was as human as any of us. Morgan would have never found the strength to find Rick if not for Eastman. For that, I am grateful. 

Will Morgan be able to maintain his zen knowing the Wolf wants to kill him?

Sean: I really think so, at least for a while. He should have taken out the Wolf, but Morgan has a no killing rule, and he should be able to maintain his zen. It's a dangerous situation for sure, but nothing says Morgan can't have someone else do the deed, right?

Lindsay: It would really cheapen the depth that 90-minute episode created to see Morgan immediately stumble in his commitment to non-violence, so I think he'll stay strong. I do think that someone else -- probably Carol -- will kill that Wolf soon though. 

Amanda: I agree that he'll stay the course for a while, but there will be dire consequences. 

Miranda: That Wolf has to go. He Morgan won't be able to kill him and he'll kill someone we love and then he'll die. And then Morgan will understand that while all life is precious, some life is more precious than other life.

Jason:  Rick is on his way back. He will make the decision that Morgan can't. So Morgan may not be the one that has to kill the W man.

Is this a kill or be killed world or is there room for people like Morgan and Eastman?

Sean: I think there is room for people like Morgan, but the risks are much higher. Granted, if Morgan had no ninja skills, he'd be done pretty quick. It'll be interesting to see if the show allows him to stick around considering he won't kill. 

Lindsay: I agree with Sean that the risks are higher, but I think Morgan will be more affected when the risks cost someone else their life. Choosing not to kill that Wolf will be especially hard to swallow if he ends up getting loose and killing an innocent Alexandrian. 

Amanda: There is room, but not in large groups where your decision to kill could put someone else in danger. Eastman and Morgan are trying to be good men, but sadly, I don't think their way of thinking is practical for the current stage of the world they're in. Not everyone is redeemable, and some people just want to watch the world burn.

Miranda: I think there can be a balance but the bottom line is that in the Zombie Apocalypse, you have to know that killing another person is a thing you might have to do. Morgan has killed randomly in the past, but I don't think it's possible or realistic for survivors to maintain that dedication to life in the face of certain or near death at the hands of another human.

Jason:  I think there can be a balance. You probably don't have to kill someone who just casually walks up. But if a group is assaulting your camp and killing your people, then by all means, kill every last one of them.

Were you disappointed we didn't find out more about the fates of Glen or Rick?

Sean: Yes, I liked this episode, but to stick it right after such a controversial death/nondeath was not the right move. Perhaps if we knew for a fact that Glenn was dead, I'd be a little more forgiving and OK taking a pause from all the forward action. But now we have to wait at least another week to find out if Glenn is actually dead or if The Walking Dead pulled a massive (and poor) fake out on viewers.

Lindsay: I get the purpose of this episode was to build suspense about Glenn and Rick, but I agree that it was probably a win/lose decision. The overall fan reaction to the episode has been angry and disappointed, which I think is really unfair since it was a beautiful episode.

Amanda: I think the criticism of the audience to this episode is ridiculous. People complain there isn't enough character development, and then they turn around and complain there isn't enough action. Do I want to find out the fates of Glenn and Rick? Absolutely! However, I don't mind taking a breather before heading back into the chaos. 

Miranda: I wasn't angry and disappointed, but I'll admit I was bored. Maybe it was the time change making me think it was a whole hour later than it really was, or maybe it's because the episode was slow (necessarily so for the story being told), but I wish this story had been told at a different time. Resolution about Glenn and Rick should've come first.

Jason:  NOT IN THE LEAST BIT. For half of last season and all of this season, we have been wondering where Morgan came from, what happened to him, why is he changed, why is he a Jedi, etc. Now we get those answers. Now we can focus back on our other group.  

We'll find out what really happened to Glenn on The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5 this Sunday night. Until then, watch The Walking Dead online to get caught up!

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