Watch Quantico Online: Season 1 Episode 7

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OnĀ Quantico Season 1 Episode 7, the secret of the twins wasn't just outed to one agent, but to the whole darn class! That's going to change the whole dynamic of the class going forward.

The reveal also did some other work, which included taking the off the list as suspects in the bombing of Grand Central. But really, the action was all at the FBI Academy during "Go."

Another recruit bit the dust. It's not just someone we met once, either. It's someone with whom we've been following for a while now. This someone found himself in a romantic entanglement that went a little haywire.

Who was it? Well, we're not going to give that away. To find out who left the Academy, as well as details on another romance that's on again, watch Quantico online right here via TV Fanatic! Click below to get started.

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