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The agents are a third of the way through their training. You know what that means? A test! 

Everyone has to beat their previous scores or they are out. Oh, and there's this killer of an exam. All they get is a blank piece of paper. When Brandon didn't get a piece of paper, he figures it was a sign that he was out. So, he walks out, and then things start to go wrong. The room goes into lockdown, and the trainees use surveillance to discover that the night before, Brandon snuck in and planted a bomb.

While Elias and a bunch of others leave the room while the bomb is still active, our core group of NATS stay. The ones who stayed passed the test. The ones who left, are out of Quantico. Brandon was asked to play the part of the crazy deserter. 

Simon and Alex go and find Nimah in order to get answers about her visit to Grand Central. Raina shares that Nimah was the one on the footage, which makes her really happy since she believed Nimah was dead. Nimah and Raina had been tasked to infiltrate a terrorist cell that has been planning an attack on an American landmark of strength.

Natalie, Liam, and the FBI make their move against Alex and her friends. In the crossfire, Ryan gets hit. Surprisingly, Natalie lets both Ryan and Alex escape.

At Quantico, the test had big repercussions. Elias is gone. Caleb's back to being a NAT. The twins are no longer a secret.

Oh, and Alex blackmailed Liam into giving Ryan his Special Agent status back.

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