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Brandon should quit the FBI to become an actor.

On Quantico Season 1 Episode 7, the trainees had to take one serious test. How long did it take to prepare this test? Think about it. Brandon had to be told what was going on, and then he had to act freaked out enough so that everyone would notice, but no one would think anything of it. Also, bravo, Brandon! That was one hell of a performance.

Miranda's kind of an evil genius. Part of the test depended on Natalie being interrogated and sharing the small fact that Brandon went on a walk the night before. That's some crazy planning.  

Alas, poor Elias, it's time we said goodbye. No, it's okay. You can leave. No one really cared about your weird relationship that all of a sudden turned romantic with Simon. Buh-bye!

Elias's farewell was a little too drawn out for my taste. However, I did like that we knew someone who got cut. We spent a decent about of time with Elias as he obsessed over Simon.

Was it shocking that he left? Not really. Elias talked about how he never truly wanted this. He was expendable, but at least this huge test didn't happen and a bunch of people that we never spent time with got cut. We have to be able to feel that the stakes are high.

Well, at least we know how Caleb became an agent again. I'm still a little fuzzy on how this all happened. Was it just his bravery that impressed everyone enough to where he was meant to be more than just an analyst?

Caleb is a smart, brave, capable person, and he does belong here.


All Shelby did was tell Clayton that she thought Caleb was better than Clayton gave him credit. That in itself doesn't feel like enough to completely alter his perception of Caleb, especially considering Clayton's words of warning to Shelby.

Clayton stated that Caleb was a danger to himself and to others, and Clayton said he physically had to put his hands on Caleb to stop him. Is anyone else thinking that Caleb tried to harm or kill a bunch of people and then himself, or am I being a bit over dramatic in my interpretation of Clayton's words?

Think about it. Caleb himself said that he knew for a fact that the FBI let in people they normally wouldn't. His example was Eric, who had a terribly dark secret. Could Caleb be referring to himself when he spoke about people with skeletons in their closet?

I'm so glad the twins secret is no more. This means we don't have to watch any boring side storylines with them and Miranda! Huzzah!

Plus, Nimah and Raina will mix up the dynamic at Quantico. The NATS (and us) will get to learn more about who Nimah and Riana are individually, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. It will be interesting to see if one twin adapts to the team dynamic more than the other.

On the romance side of things. Ryan and Alex are back to being on good terms, which sort of makes sense. Alex was upset that Ryan lied to her since they met, but somehow learning that it wasn't his choice made everything okay again. 

Um, sure.

Maybe it's because I've never been in a situation anything like this (has anyone?), but Alex's change of heart felt rushed. There's still a lot to work through, and while Ryan opening up about Chicago was a good start, it shouldn't have fixed anything. Did you think Alex and Ryan's reunion happened a little quickly?

This week, the Quantico storyline was definitely the more interesting one. It seems like the Nimah and Raina storyline was just a false lead. They didn't have anything to do with the bombing. It doesn't seem like the terrorist group did either. They certainly wouldn't frame Alex for whatever act they commit. For one, they don't know her, and it's unlikely that Nimah came clean as FBI.

I will say, it was really amusing to see the FBI stroll up ready to grab Alex, and then the terrorist cell thought that the FBI was there for them. The FBI was not expecting that kind of fight.

Natalie's hard to read. She definitely put the job before her relationship with Ryan whenever she went to Liam. Hell, she even lied and planted a tracker on Ryan. Sooo, why did Natalie let Ryan and Alex go when she had them in their sights?

Haven't you heard? Parrish is never wrong. She has "instincts."


Also, if Ryan was a seriously injured as it looked like he was, why wouldn't he stay with the FBI and get emergency treatment? It's not like he can help Alex any if he's bleeding out all over the place. 

Yes, the FBI will most likely arrest him for aiding and abetting, but it's better than dying on some random side road while attempting to evade the FBI with your former girlfriend. 

What did you think of "Go"?  Do you think it was a smart move to let the rest of the NATS in on the twins' secret? Ryan's back to being an agent, so that means he won't be at Quantico anymore. Will you miss him? Also, do you think he's looking into Alex's dad's connection to Liam?

Don't forget to share all your crazy theories in a comment below. Remember you can watch Quantico online anytime via TV Fanatic and you better join us next week for a review of Quantico Season 1 Episode 8, "Over"!

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