The Good Wife Round Table: Do You Trust Jason Crouse?

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Monica Timmons returned to Lockhart, Agos, & Lee, minus her camera... Ruth grew uneasy with Alicia and Jason’s working relationship... and Eli and Courtney considered Alicia’s political future on The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 9.

Below, TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica, Elizabeth Harlow and Christine Orlando debate Monica’s return, Jason and Alicia’s future and a possible Senate run after "Discovery."

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Monica Timmons returned. Would you like to see her back again?

Carissa: Not really. If they wanted to keep her as a character, they should have had Lockhart Agos hire her instead of Biff and Skippy. I mean, I get why they didn't, because the firm is a freakin' mess, but surely they can come up with compelling cases outside of their individual firms.

Elizabeth: I could stand her showing up every now and again, like Mamie Gummer's character. Or even her being recruited to Louis Canning or Alicia's team. Lockhart/Agos/Lee isn't the only one with a diversity problem. 

Christine: I’m really enjoying the actress and this character so I’d like to see more of her. I liked her interactions with Cary so I wouldn’t mind having her back but she tends to roll her eyes and if she worked at Lockhart, Agos, & Lee, she could end up hurting herself reacting to all of their nonsense.

Do you buy Jason’s answer about investigating Alicia because he was considering working with her or do you think there’s more to it?

Carissa: At this point I have no reason to believe he would be investigating her for any reason other than he said. He is a private investigator, after all. It makes complete sense to do due diligence on his end, especially after what he's been through.

Elizabeth: I mean, I guess my question would be outside of her financials, how much of her life isn't part of the public record at this point? She just finished a run for SA, her husband is governor and is running for president...they don't have many secrets that would affect a business partnership. 

Christine: I’m with Carissa. His explanation makes sense so unless Ruth and Eli have proof that someone else is paying him for that information, I don’t see any reason not to believe him. 

Do you want to see Alicia run for Senate?

Carissa: No. She's already gone the political avenue. The politics are a dead end on this show in my opinion.

Elizabeth: I can't imagine her putting her kids through simultaneous campaigns, and Ruth would lose her mind (which is part of Eli's motivation, of course). It's a little soon after her own run and scandal to be coming back to that, especially when she's had no experience with a lower office. 

Christine: Ugh. No! Alicia seems happiest, or as happy as Alicia is capable of being, when she’s practicing law. I hope they drop the politics angle. 

On a scale of 1 (least) to 10 (most), how much would you like to see Alicia and Jason have an affair?

Carissa: 1. While I was kind of interested at one point, he doesn't deserve to be dragged into her family crap. Nobody does. Until she breaks the ties from Peter and his 45,745 personal aids and busy bodies, she needs to just go it alone.

Elizabeth: 5? I guess I'm ambivalent. The campaign seriously limits her ability to get some with anybody other than Peter, and after this episode, I'd be suspicious of her real motivations for sleeping with Jason. I mean, at least 60% of the thrill would be pissing off the campaign staff.

Christine: I was looking forward to the prospect but now I’m at a 4. I think Jason deserves better than to be Alicia’s dirty little secret, as much fun as that could be in the short term. And if she wasn’t willing to cut ties with Peter for Will, I can’t imagine she’s going to do it for anyone else. 

What was your favorite scene from this episode?

Carissa: Cary saying to hell with it and taking up dancing so he could enjoy himself with Lucca. While I didn't expect it would be him on the dance floor before Alicia, I can dig that friendship (or whatever it is). Alicia and Cary have the same taste in women.

Elizabeth: I liked the Lucca/ Cary scenes, but he's going to have to come to terms with his own privilege if that's going to go past a quick roll in the hay. 

Christine: Jason standing up to Eli. Even if Jason was obviously uncomfortable with it all, it was great to see him stare Eli down. 

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