TV Fanatics Count their Blessings

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We're TV Fanatics, so what ELSE would we give thanks for on a holiday devoted to the subject but television?

Our staff has gotten together to share our blessings with you. 

Please share yours with us, but more importantly, know how much we appreciate all of you.

Enjoy your time with your friends and families binge-watching your favorite TV this holiday weekend!

1. FX Networks

FX Networks
I'm thankful for FX. Because of Fargo? You're the Worst? The Americans? Yes, yes and yes. — Matt


I'm thankful for the entire TGIT lineup on ABC! From Meredith to Olivia to Annalise, it's so great to see such powerful and inspiring women headlining their own shows. — Lindsay

3. Jason Crouse's Amazing Smile on The Good Wife

Jason Crouse's Amazing Smile on The Good Wife
I am thankful for Jason Crouse's amazing smile on The Good Wife. I don't care if he does turn out to be a little crazy, that smile wins me over every single time. — Samantha

4. Rebecca Bunch on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca Bunch on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
I'm thankful for Rebecca Bunch on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, because her nervous breakdown makes me laugh harder than anything else on television right now. Whether she's scheming or singing, I can count on her to make my Monday nights better. — Christine Laskodi

5. The Death of Juliette on Grimm

The Death of Juliette on Grimm
I’m thankful that Juliette is truly dead and gone on Grimm. She annoyed me from the beginning and only got progressively worse as the show went on. — Doug

6. No More Dramatics from Erin Lindsay on Chicago PD

No More Dramatics from Erin Lindsay on Chicago PD
Also thankful that Erin Lindsay is no longer doing her self-destructive behavior on Chicago PD. It’s a relief to see that sub-plot gone. — Doug

7. Tracy Morgan's Triumphant Return

Tracy Morgan's Triumphant Return
I am thankful for Tracy Morgan's triumphant return to TV. Seeing him present at the Emmys was inspiring and his appearance on SNL was hilarious. I am so glad that he has recovered so well from such a traumatic injury. — Stacy

8. The Vampire Diaries Season 7

The Vampire Diaries Season 7
I am thankful for TVD Season 7. Having to reinvent the series after Nina Dobrev's exit was the kick in the pants the series needed. — Miranda

9. Castle Finally Made Us Smile Again

Castle Finally Made Us Smile Again
I'm thankful that Castle finally gave me something to smile about this week. I've missed my Happy Castle Mondays! — Christine

10. Brilliant Showrunners

Brilliant Showrunners
I'm thankful that showrunners like Bryan Fuller (Hannibal), Sam Esmail (Mr. Robot), Stephen Falk (You're the Worst) and Noah Hawley (Fargo) were granted relatively free reign by their respective networks to conjure up some kick-ass TV this year. — Caralynn

11. Sunday Night Television

Sunday Night Television
I'm thankful for so much good TV on Sunday nights! Madam Secretary, Good Wife and now Quantico! I don't even care that the next day is Monday because of the lineup, especially Quantico which is my newest addiction. — Jack

12. Superhero Boom on TV

Superhero Boom on TV
I'm thankful for the current superhero boom on TV that Arrow helped kickstart. It's crazy that DC now has its own little universe going at The CW and that soon three series will be crossing over with one another. There's something for everyone, whether it's an over the top crime drama like Gotham or a girl power show like Supergirl. Let's not forget the more adult, gritty world of Marvel/Netflix's Daredevil and Jessica Jones. It's truly a great time to be a comics fan. — Hank

13. Amazing Women

Amazing Women
I'm thankful for the amazing women on TV. To name just a few, I'm thankful for Gina Rodriguez continuing to bring joy and heart to Jane the Virgin. I'm thankful for Aya Cash on You're the Worst for portraying the complexities of depression with both humor and emotional depth. I'm also thankful for Viola Davis who continues to slay on How to Get Away with Murder. — Amanda

14. The Improvement of Grey's Anatomy

The Improvement of Grey's Anatomy
I'm thankful that Grey's Anatomy has greatly improved this season, and in a lot of ways it has returned to its roots – even if the cover songs they've been using are totally cringe-worthy. — Ashley

15. Syfy Network

Syfy Network
I'm also thankful and grateful to Syfy. Though they're occasionally forced to cancel our favorite shows (due to low ratings), they keep taking risks attempting to deliver great sci-fi television. The move back into space has brought the network back to its glory days. Each new series Syfy releases lately is better than the last. Bravo guys! — Hank

16. Amazon's Pilot Seasons

Amazon's Pilot Seasons
I'm thankful for Amazon's new method of releasing pilots of shows and letting users review and vote for what will become a series. Seems like the people who pay to watch the shows are an excellent source to ask what they are willing to pay for! — Jim

17. Utter Craziness on How to Get Away with Murder

Utter Craziness on How to Get Away with Murder
I'm thankful for all of the craziness on How to Get Away With Murder. The writers are amazing and I'm amazed by Viola Davis' acting each week. — Rachel

18. The A Reveal on Pretty Little Liars

The A Reveal on Pretty Little Liars
I'm also thankful that after five long years, A was finally revealed on Pretty Little Liars, even though I didn't agree with the reasoning for torturing the Liars. — Rachel

19. All that is Scream Queens

All that is Scream Queens
I’m thankful for Scream Queens. The show is literally throwing it out of the park every week and the acting is on another level. It’s the polar opposite to what I thought it was going to be and it’s pretty damn funny. I’m also thankful that Shondelle died in the pilot to give Denise that iconic one-liner. “Shondell, why you got a knife in your throat?” *Yes, we're aware the GIF has the name spelled wrong; darn internet!* — Paul

20. Historical Dramas

Historical Dramas
I am thankful for the resurgence of historical dramas, like The Knick, Outlander, Hell on Wheels, and basically everything on Masterpiece Classic. The attention to detail that the producers give to their historical eras makes my obsessive little heart cheer! History can be accurate AND entertaining. — Elizabeth

21. CBS' Comedy Thursday

CBS' Comedy Thursday
I am thankful for my Thursday night comedy lineup. After watching a week of crime, I am ready for some laugh-out-loud fun. Here's to you, The Big Bang Theory, Life in Pieces, Mom and 2 Broke Girls. — Amy

22. Power on Starz

Power on Starz
I'm thankful for the summer treat that is Power. The story of a semi-reformed drug dealer falling in love with the woman trying to bring him down only got better in its sophomore season. Saturday nights in the summer have never been better thanks to the Starz hit. — Whitney

23. John Noble on Elementary

John Noble on Elementary
I'm thankful for John Noble gracing our screens as Sherlock's father Morland on Elementary. He elevates everything he's in, and it's a crime that he hasn't won an Emmy yet. — Kathleen

24. Canadians on American TV

Canadians on American TV
Can I be thankful for all the Canadians on TV that celebrated Thanksgiving last month like me? Amell, Katic, Fillion, Emily Bett Rickards, etc etc LOL — Robin

25. Cameron Monaghan's Performance on Gotham

Cameron Monaghan's Performance on Gotham
I'm thankful for Cameron Monaghan's performances at the start of Gotham Season 2. Though he didn't turn out to be the Joker, he sure helped start the new season with a bang. — Lisa

26. Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joining The Walking Dead

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joining The Walking Dead
I'm thankful that The Walking Dead has cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan. Morgan has brought his acting chops to Supernatural, The Good Wife and so much more, and it's exciting knowing he'll be playing the infamous character on the hit zombie show. The show has done a great job with casting, and this new addition is something to look forward to. Batter up! — Sean

27. Master of None

Master of None
I am thankful for the brilliance that is "Master of None". Aziz Ansari's clever ability to blend social issues with humor is incredibly entertaining to watch. Also, there's is just a lot of great comedy out there right now. — Liz

28. Daredevil and Jessica Jones on Netflix

Daredevil and Jessica Jones on Netflix
I'm thankful for Daredevil and Jessica Jones on Netflix. Even though I'm not done with Jessica Jones yet, I'm already in love with her sarcasm. Netflix has done a brilliant job delivering angsty superhero drama complete with some terrifying villains. — Allison

29. The Leftovers

The Leftovers
I'm thankful for all of the intelligent television we have at our fingertips now, but if I'm naming names, I'll lead with The Leftovers, because it's most appropriate for Thanksgiving, don't you think? When so many shows have a sophomore slump, The Leftovers returned with something different than its freshman season, rose above and triumphed. Every week I feel priviliged to be watching, let alone writing about it. — Carissa

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