TV Fanatics Count their Blessings

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We're TV Fanatics, so what ELSE would we give thanks for on a holiday devoted to the subject but television?

Our staff has gotten together to share our blessings with you. 

Please share yours with us, but more importantly, know how much we appreciate all of you.

Enjoy your time with your friends and families binge-watching your favorite TV this holiday weekend!

1. FX Networks

FX Networks
I'm thankful for FX. Because of Fargo? You're the Worst? The Americans? Yes, yes and yes. — Matt


I'm thankful for the entire TGIT lineup on ABC! From Meredith to Olivia to Annalise, it's so great to see such powerful and inspiring women headlining their own shows. — Lindsay

3. Jason Crouse's Amazing Smile on The Good Wife

Jason Crouse's Amazing Smile on The Good Wife
I am thankful for Jason Crouse's amazing smile on The Good Wife. I don't care if he does turn out to be a little crazy, that smile wins me over every single time. — Samantha

4. Rebecca Bunch on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca Bunch on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
I'm thankful for Rebecca Bunch on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, because her nervous breakdown makes me laugh harder than anything else on television right now. Whether she's scheming or singing, I can count on her to make my Monday nights better. — Christine Laskodi

5. The Death of Juliette on Grimm

The Death of Juliette on Grimm
I’m thankful that Juliette is truly dead and gone on Grimm. She annoyed me from the beginning and only got progressively worse as the show went on. — Doug

6. No More Dramatics from Erin Lindsay on Chicago PD

No More Dramatics from Erin Lindsay on Chicago PD
Also thankful that Erin Lindsay is no longer doing her self-destructive behavior on Chicago PD. It’s a relief to see that sub-plot gone. — Doug

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