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You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!

Well, let's be honest, we aren't going to discover it onĀ Quantico Season 1 Episode 11, because there is still half a season to go. To whip out the truth about everything now would make for a very boring second half of the season.

That still doesn't stop everyone from doing all of their searching and FBI detecting to get it, though. If you thought Simon was involved in the kidnapping, you lose two points. Cleared! Elias, however, looked pretty darn shady. So did Caleb, who kidnapped Simon.

What? Yep, Caleb, however, is busily framing Elias. Everything gets pretty convoluted and the only way you're going to follow along is to watch Quantico online via TV Fanatic!

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Quantico Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Whatever the FBI is doing, it's not enough.


You ever want to push a button and make it all go away? Everyone you've ever loved and lost. Everything that ever hurt you. Just one button. No more fighting, no more regrets, no more noise. Blow it all up and see what happens.