Supergirl Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Blood Bonds

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Secrets were all the rage on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 9. Some came out, while others stayed hidden. 

It was only a matter of time until Kara learned about Hank, and as soon as Alex said "transform," I knew Kara heard. 

That wasn't surprising, but I can't say the same about how Cat's discovery was handled. 

I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed. I was looking forward to seeing Cat in the know about Kara's secret identity. But, at least it was handled well.

Thanks to Kara learning Hank's secret, he instantly became able to help her keep hers. It was a pretty brilliant plan, and convinced Cat in a way that doesn't insult her intelligence. I definitely prefer this to a memory wipe. 

Plus, Cat was like a dog with a bone, and she was not going to let this go without either Kara admitting the truth or undeniable evidence. It was really funny watching Cat drill Kara on those questions about her childhood.

They were kind of hard, but I guess that was the point. If Kara had stumbled more maybe that would have helped her case. At least Kara gets to keep her job now. 

Cat: Every minute that you waste playing assistant in here is a minute that someone out there is not getting saved.
Kara; Ms. Grant, what are you saying?
Cat: I'm saying that I will not partake in this ruse any longer. So you either prove to me that you are not Supergirl, or you can clean out your desk tomorrow.

Maxwell Lord is also hiding something, which we already knew, but I still have no idea what it is. He's performing experiments on people. I am guessing this girl will probably turn out to be someone from the comics. Another foe for Supergirl? 

It was pretty great seeing James and Winn team up and work together. Sure there were knocks thrown at each other, but I sense a bromance coming on. Instead of arguing over Kara, they were both there to help and support her when she needed them. They're becoming a solid team. 

There were no romantic angles at all, and I really like the idea of the three of them just being friends. Who needs a love triangle?

Through flashbacks we learned the truth about what really happened between Astra and Alura. Astra's sister and niece have both shown their faith in her, and it was enough for Astra to stand up to Non. As Kara said, it's a start. 

Astra may not be the villain we once thought she was, but will it be enough to stop Non in the future? He listened to her this time, but I don't think he's going to stand for it much longer. There will be a battle, and it will be Astra who's forced to choose sides. Which will she choose? Well, she's the one who said "blood bonds us all."

It's great to see Kara continue to learn and grow. We've seen her emotions get the best of her before, and they almost did again. Luckily her support system was there to talk her down, and she was able to learn from it. She's going to continue to need help controlling her anger, and it is good to see that she knows that. 

I think she may have felt more powerless this time with everything going against her than she did when she lost her powers. At least there was an excuse then, and the belief that everything would be okay when her powers came back. 

It looks like General Lane will continue to pop up periodically to be a huge pain in everyone's asses, but the less we see of him the better as far as I'm concerned. No mention of Lucy though. 

The instant messaging with Clark came back and it was just as touching as last time. I like these small instances of him showing support to his cousin, even if it probably isn't the most secure method of communication. 

Your turn, what are your theories on the girl in Lord's lab? Are you disappointed that Cat's out of the loop again? 

If you missed anything, you can watch Supergirl online any time!

Blood Bonds Review

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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Kara: So what are you going to do?
Alex: If I turn down the deal, Non kills Hank. If I go through with it, I free a criminal with the strength of you.

Kara: Ms. Grant, I'm sorry. Think what you think, but it's not true. I'm not Supergirl.
Cat: One time at a party Paul McCartney swore to me that he and Yoko were the closest of friends. He was more convincing.