The Originals Season 3 Episode 10 Review: A Ghost Along the Mississippi

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Now that my heart has resumed somewhat normal function after viewing a screener of The Originals Season 3 Episode 10, I feel like maybe I'm capable of writing down all the feels I just experienced while watching what might be one of the best episodes of this season.

You guys. 

So. Many. Gut punches.

I Come in Peace - The Originals Season 3 Episode 10

Cami's fate is a huge topic of discussion after "A Ghost Along the Mississippi," but first, let's say goodbye to Jackson Kenner. Because he just got his heart ripped out while Hayley watched, and I think my heart got ripped out right along with his.

Never did I ever see that coming. Ever. 

Jackson? Dead? WHAT?! 

Gut punch.

His death was so, so very unexpected, which is why it had such an impact on me tonight. He and Hayley were happy, he was cracking jokes about hunting hipsters, then he was wolfing out, and then he was a lifeless corpse chained to a chair in a basement after telling Hayley how much she changed his life.


I know Jackson drew a divided audience. Lots of people loved him and lots (and lots) of people hated him. I happen to be firmly in camp "he really grew on me" so yeah, I'm shocked right now.

While Hayley and Elijah are end game, the Hayley-Jackson relationship and all it stood for as a representation of Hayley's humanity was pretty powerful. Hayley choosing to be with Jackson was choosing her humanity over her vampire hormones. 

Don't get me wrong. Hayley loves Elijah, and Jackson's death paves the way for them to be together, but choosing Elijah also means choosing her vampire side, something with which Hayley has never quite been comfortable.

Regarding Haylijah, I'll be pretty peeved if the two hook up in the next episode or two. It will have negated what I believe to have been a real, albeit different, love between Hayley and Jackson. I'd like to see her not move back into the compound and keep her apartment across the street and struggle with her grief for a bit before climbing into bed with Elijah. 

Plus we should have Klaus and Cami to heat things up for us anyway.

It was evident that Cami would wonder whether or not she should transition. (It was also evident that Cami would transition because Leah Pipes is such an integral part of the show.)

Cami's humanity and morality has always been firmly ensconced in her ability to toe the line between light and dark, supernatural and normal. It's what has always made her a great voice of reason for Klaus.

If who they are as humans is amplified by becoming a vampire, that shouldn't change for Cami. She should still continue to be Klaus' voice of reason. Unless, that is, her previously mentioned dark side kicks in and threatens to take over.

She seemed to revel in the sensations of being a vampire, so it's altogether possible we're about to see Cami get just a little bit wild and dangerous before she settles into her vampire self. That should definitely be fun for viewers.

I would love nothing more than to see Cami destroy Aurora. Just bash her face in with a beer bottle and then stab her with a barstool. Aurora deserves it. 

When Klaus talked about flaying her open and hanging her skin like a flag with that devilish twinkle in his eyes and wave of his hand, I half expected we might pan away to a scene after Tristan had been locked inside the container to find he'd done just that. But no. We still have Aurora and Lucien to worry about.

Lucien was missing from the episode until he was mentioned toward the end as having been the one to free Aurora from the salt circle Freya trapped her in. (When? Who knows.)

The magic employed was a little confusing, not because Tristan is drowning endlessly at the bottom of the ocean (thank god) but because it seemed like Klaus should have had no idea Freya planned to body swap Cami and Aurora (and wouldn't have approved of his sister's plan) but then he did know and was totally okay with it. And it was that magic trick that urged Cami to transition when all of Klaus' heartbreaking pleas didn't do it.

Oh my god. The begging. The "please don't leave me, Camille." I was practically over here screaming "JUST DRINK THE BLOOD, CAMI! JUST TAKE IT LIKE A SHOT OF TEQUILA AND THEN LICK KLAUS' FACE OR SOMETHING!"

How could she consider saying no to that?! 

I know, I know. Cami's humanity was strong. Her sense of self and desire to die with dignity and because it was actually her choice was noble. True. I don't deny that. If she'd decided that, it would've been in keeping with the character and I would've been mad about it but I would've accepted it. 

But for the love. Klaus Mikaelson is practically saying "be with me forever" and you're like "eh...about that..."

That is not how this works, Camille. That is not how any of this works.

That final scene between the two of them? THAT is how this works. Sparks. Were. Flying. 

If we don't get a super hot hookup between those two in the next couple of episodes, I'm crying foul. Loudly. I promise.

What did you think of Cami's decision to transition? Were you scared she might not? How do you feel about Jackson's death? What will Lucien and Aurora do in retaliation for Tristan? Sound off in the comments below and don't forget to watch The Originals online!

A Ghost Along the Mississippi Review

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

I’ll tell you what I know about death, Camille. Death dances silently in everyone’s shadow, and she doesn’t give a damn. So why give a damn about her?


Hayley: I’m not exactly sure what you’re going to hunt in the French Quarter.
Jack: Hipsters.