20 Romantic Pairs that Brightened 2015

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Through all the drama and laughter, there is always love.

No matter what show is airing, love makes its way to the forefront in some way or another.

These particular couples really lit up the small screen with what they did with the love their characters shared. 

Here's hoping for more in 2016!

1. Claire and Jamie - Outlander

Claire and Jamie - Outlander
Jaime and Claire on Outlander. In addition to steaming up our screens on the regular this season, the two lead character managed to turn their spur of the moment marriage of necessity into a wonderful example of a passionate, respectful marriage. They may may stumble occasionally as they work out their many differences, but in the end, they are each other's rocks.

2. Klaus and Cami - The Originals

Klaus and Cami - The Originals
Klaus and Cami from The Originals. We’ve been watching the slow burn of their relationship for two and a half seasons now and they’ve finally decided to get real with each other. After an honest conversation on the compound balcony, Klaus and Cami finally kissed. And now our hearts are in limbo as we await news of her fate.

3. Caitlin and Jay - The Flash

Caitlin and Jay - The Flash
One of our favorite romances this season is Caitlin Snow and Jay Garrick from The Flash. We really hope that they can overcome all their obstacles and make this one work, because it's sweet and funny and even Cisco is rooting for them!

4. Fitz and Simmons - Agents of SHIELD

Fitz and Simmons - Agents of SHIELD
When Fitz and Simmons kiss on Agents of Shield. It took years for them to finally fully confront their feelings for each other and now they have but their timing is awful. Fitz says it's because they are cursed. Simmons is in love with Fitz and Will. Fitz tells her that Will is great and that he understands why she loves Will. Simmons argues that it was Fitz that jumped through a hole in the universe for her and they kiss. It was bittersweet and worth the wait.

5. Zoe and Wade - Hart of Dixie

Zoe and Wade - Hart of Dixie
Zoe and Wade finally got married on Hart of Dixie. And had a baby. And decided to stay in Bluebell to raise him. This pair was written in the stars way back in Season 1 and we watched every up and down that they encountered on their journey to finally finding everlasting love. Hart of Dixie may have ended in 2015, but at least this 'ship sailed off on a very satisfying note.

6. Dawson and Casey - Chicago Fire

Dawson and Casey - Chicago Fire
This one has to go to Casey and Dawson on Chicago Fire. The moment when he tells her that being with her is what makes sense and he never wants her out of his life again was incredibly sweet and romantic. Then the look of pure happiness on his face when she responded that she's pregnant was just the icing on the cake.

7. Jimmy and Gretchen - You're the Worst

Jimmy and Gretchen - You're the Worst
Jimmy and Gretchen on You're the Worst had a tumultuous time of it this season, to say these least (particularly the back half of the season). When Jimmy chose to stay with Gretchen in the penultimate episode and built that blanket fort around her, it was an absolutely beautiful moment and ended up being the thing Gretchen needed to catapult her towards recovery and getting help for her clinical depression.

Their relationship arc this season was virtually flawless, and the way they ended the season (understated I-love-you's exchanged) was pretty great (and perfectly fitting for these characters).

8. Patrick Jane and Lisbon - The Mentalist

Patrick Jane and Lisbon - The Mentalist
Patrick Jane and Theresa Lisbon from The Mentalist. When CBS announced that The Mentalist would get 13 final episodes to wrap up the series, the show’s writers stepped up and gave fans what they wanted: a real relationship between Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon. Was it perfect? No. There was certainly more we wanted to see but watching their romance bloom was still so satisfying.

From his concerns about her job, to her worry about him bolting once again, they got through it all together. And then there was the wedding as Patrick and Teresa got married at his beautiful little cabin on the lake surrounded by friends and family. You could feel the job radiate off the screen. Having Teresa tell him she was having their child at the end was just the icing on the cake.

9. Liza and Josh - Younger

Liza and Josh - Younger
Josh and Liza on Younger. Despite the fact Liza was lying about who she was on an inherent level by pretending to be 26 when she was 40, it was impossible not to find something sweet and genuine in what the two shared that was beyond age. Josh discovered Liza's age (and that she had a whole other life) on the Season 1 finale, so it will be interesting to see how these two approach the strange new world in which they find themselves. Can love overcome age and a big white lie?

10. Toby and Happy - Scorpion

Toby and Happy - Scorpion
Toby and Happy from Scorpion. They both have issues they haven't dealt with that have kept them from getting together. Now that they both are ready to face them, things seem to be looking up. They finally shared a nice kiss, too!

11. Emma and Killian - Once Upon a Time

Emma and Killian - Once Upon a Time
Emma and Killian of Once Upon a Time have always seemed to have a rough road on their way to happily ever after. Watching their love blossom, even in the face of Emma accepting her fate as the Dark One, has been so fascinating and gut wrenching all at the same time. They say that true love never dies, so in their case, let's hope it's true because we didn't see nearly enough happy times before Killian's heroic death.

12. Leslie and Ben - Parks and Recreation

Leslie and Ben - Parks and Recreation
Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation. This perfectly matched pair showed that a long running series can highlight a couple in a loving long-term and stable marriage and still achieving their dreams. In fact, the series finale alluded to one of them being President. Who was it? It doesn't really matter, because they'll support each other lovingly no matter what.

13. Rachel and Mike - Suits

Rachel and Mike - Suits
Mike's proposal to Rachel on Suits was an incredibly sweet, moving, and romantic moment. He uses every adjective he can think of to describe what he loves about her before telling her that he called her father and got his grandmother's ring cleaned. He then slips the ring on her finger and tells her that Grammy wore it for almost 60 years to which Rachel responds "so will I." Awww

14. Stefan and Caroline - The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Caroline - The Vampire Diaries
Stefan and Caroline from The Vampire Diaries. They were always super great friends but now with Elena completely out of the picture, these two have really blossomed into an adorable couple. Now that we have gotten a few flashes into the future, we know that they won't last, but we'd rather not think about that!

15. Andy and Haley - Modern Family

Andy and Haley - Modern Family
Andy and Haley from Modern Family. I know a lot of people aren't too fond of them, but they really do work perfectly together. They really do remind me of a younger version of Phil and Claire which isn't a terrible thing. It's time for Haley to grow up and get into a more mature relationship and Andy is the perfect partner for that to happen.

16. Bonnie and Enzo - The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie and Enzo - The Vampire Diaries
Bonnie and Enzo on The Vampire Diaries are the couple we’re all waiting to see! Fans were shocked (in a good way) to see that in the future of the series, the witch has finally decided to date (or at least hook up with) a vampire. Now we’re just waiting to see how their relationship blooms over the next three years.

17. Jessica and Luke - Jessica Jones

Jessica and Luke - Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones and Luke Cage! What started as Jessica trying to assuage her guilt over the death of Reva Cooney turned into a hot hook-up with a fellow “gifted” individual. A man who can’t be injured physically and a woman who could toss said man across the room? That made for some steamy scenes. That they ended up falling for each other was accidental on Jessica’s part, but totally necessary in order for her to heal. Bring on Season 2 so we can continue to watch their story unfold.

18. Peggy and Stan - Mad Men

Peggy and Stan - Mad Men
Peggy and Stan on Mad Men. After starting out as adversarial coworkers, they developed quite the partnership over the years. But it wasn't until the finale that Peggy woke up to what was right in front of her. They may not have had a traditional romance, but they know each other inside and out, and were best friends first and foremost. It was a relief to know that Peggy finally found her happiness -- and that it would last for her.

19. Lydia and Jimmy - Significant Mother

Lydia and Jimmy - Significant Mother
Lydia and Jimmy on Significant Mother It was an oddball romance that shouldn’t have worked but Jimmy and Lydia on Significant Mother were the surprise of the summer. When Jimmy started sleeping with his best friend’s newly single mother, Lydia, no one expected it to turn into anything serious, least of all them.

But as their feelings for one another grew, it was impossible not to fall in love with their oddly charming romance. As Jimmy told Lydia in the season finale, “I'm just starting out and you're just staring over. We would really love it if we could do that together.” Come on, CW, give Significant Mother a Season 2 because we need to see more of this quirky, unique, completely adorable couple!

20. Sheldon and Amy - The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon and Amy - The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon and Amy on The Big Bang Theory. These two geeky, quirky characters understand each other in a way no one else can. They've learned from each other and grown as people because of one another. After being together for over five years and surviving a breakup, they finally spent their first tonight together. It was perfectly sweet, awkward, and adorable. #Shamy for the win!

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