Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 13 Review: Hit Me

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Platt does not get into the field often, but when she does, we know we are in for a treat. 

She was the hero of Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 13, successfully bringing in the dirty cop, not to mention putting Roman in his place. 

Thanks to the guy who hammered into her head to check for ankle pieces!

Not that it wasn't completely obvious he was planning something when he asked her to fetch another bottle of booze. If she had turned her back to him, I would have been extremely disappointed. 

But Platt's too smart for that. Though, that is something Roman would probably do (and if it got him killed, fine by me). 

Burgess has been single for like five seconds and he's already feeling her out for his "cousin." We all know there is no cousin. He's just trying to figure out if she's ready to get back on the horse so he can make a move. She should transfer just to get away from him. 

Burgess: Hey, you need to calm down. You're still alive, right?
Roman: I'm not worried about what could have happened to me. I'm worried about you.

Of course I don't actually want her to transfer. I love Burgess and she needs to stick around. We know she will, especially after her heart-to-heart with Lindsay. I actually wonder if what Burgess is going through will make Lindsay question her relationship with Halstead. 

Hopefully not, but like Platt said, dating co-workers does come with some risk. 

I've seen those women go into a tailspin. 'I'm gonna be alone forever. My eggs are drying up.' So I am glad you're not worried, except they do dry up. And you owe me twenty bucks.


I loved that Platt remembered the bet and told Burgess she owed her $20, though technically Platt hasn't won yet. She has to get married before she can officially claim her prize. 

Plus, I still believe that Burgess and Ruzek can work out their issues. That doesn't mean I think they'll make it down the aisle first, I definitely don't, but I think they could eventually get back together. 

Ruzek claimed this was a complete shock to him, which is probably true, but it shouldn't have been. Anyone should have been able to see Burgess was unhappy, but hopefully now he'll realize what he lost and do something to fix it. 

But for now, it is probably good for both of them to take some time apart and figure out their priorities. 

Roman's behavior was just so frustrating in general. Yes, Voight should have told Roman and Burgess what they were dealing with, but would it have even made a difference? They were parked in front of the guy's house. Pretty sure he would have taken those shots whether Roman waved at him or not. 

It was surprising Roman was able to take Howard down by himself, especially after just being in a car crash. That guy was huge. 

By the episode description, i expected Lindsay's undercover operation to be more prominent, rather than being over within the first three minutes. But I liked the direction the case went, and that opening scene was an interesting way to set it up. 

Watts' sob story to Platt followed by her counter story, showing the two directions any injured cop could take was really well done. Platt stayed positive and embraced her situation, while Watts let things eat at him little by little until he was so far gone he couldn't even remember how he got there. 

It was a sad story, and it was fitting that Platt was the one to talk him down. 

Your turn, do you guys love seeing Platt in the field? Do you wish Roman would be the one to transfer instead of Burgess? Are you ready for the Battle of the Badges?

Don't forget, you can watch Chicago PD online any time! 

Hit Me Review

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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

I've seen those women go into a tailspin. 'I'm gonna be alone forever. My eggs are drying up.' So I am glad you're not worried, except they do dry up. And you owe me twenty bucks.


Ruzek: Hey listen, how are you doing, really, with everything?
Burgess: Fine, I'm fine. How are you?
Ruzek: You're fine, really? Because I'm terrible.