Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Is Ali Really Out Of Town?

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Who Is Uber A?

On Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 14, the new A made their presence known to the liars and the liars started pointing the finger at Byron!

Below, TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann, Rachel Miller and Paul Dailly are joined by Meaghan from The Hunt for A . Join in as they discuss Byron's involvement, Toby being in the know about Spaleb and Ali's whereabouts.

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Does Byron have anything to do with Charlotte's death?

Jay: I doubt it. Didn’t we suspect him of killing Alison as well? It seems repetitive to go down this path again.

Rachel: We’ve been down the whole Byron is guilty road once before, so I doubt he’s guilty. It seems like the writers have ran out of ideas reusing storylines from the previous seasons.

Meaghan: No. Like Rachel and Jay pointed out, we've been down this road before with Byron. However, it does make me think that Aria may have something to do with her death. Ezra has been reluctant to give any information to the girls about that night and now we find out Byron was trying to get in touch with Ezra to talk about what he saw that night. Who do those two have in common? Aria. After many fans have thought for so long that she has a mental illness, maybe we are finally seeing that play out. 

Paul: There's not a chance in hell of this. The show is falling back into the pattern of throwing a multitude of red herrings our way and it just won't wash with me this time round.

Is this new A much different from the old one?

Jay: Yes. Already this A is much more dangerous than Charlotte. Instead of hiding in the shadows, this A seems very committed to making these girls suffer in the public eye. It’s not just going to be radioactive text messages. This A isn’t hiding, they’re leaving that to the girls.

Rachel: This A definitely means business! They’re not hiding in black hoodies like Charlotte once was. That old guy mask the new A was wearing is extremely creepy.

Meaghan: I'm still not convinced this is the new A. I think we are going to see an A down the line and this is just a place holder until then. But yes, this new villain is much different than the old one. This one actually seems to have a clear purpose: get justice for Cece's death. 

Paul: I really don't see this A as more dangerous. It's not like they are killing someone off every week. They could have killed Charlotte, but then again, so could anyone have. A needs to up his/her game and bring some suspense back into the show. There's a reason viewers are fleeing the show.

React to Toby finding out about Spaleb.

Jay: Kind of disappointing. It would’ve been better to see him angry at his, considering he and Caleb are best friends. But perhaps it shows how much they all have matured, that this new relationship is able to blossom, despite everything against it.

Rachel: I thought Toby would’ve showed more anger and emotion. His best friend is dating is first love. That goes against all of the friend codes.

Meaghan: I actually think Toby handled it exactly how I expected. Toby is with someone new and he probably doesn't feel like he has the right to get in the way of Spaleb. Except please Toby, get in the way of them. I just still can't get behind them as a couple. If Toby not proposing is any indication of things to come, we have not seen the end of Spoby. I think Spaleb's one purpose is to serve as a catalyst to bring Spoby and Haleb back together. 

Paul: He was very mature about it. It hurt him, but he knows he has to move on and that's just what he's doing. 

Is Alison really out of town?

Jay: I really don’t know, but this frustrates me. Why did they add her to the main credits if she’s not going to be in every episode? There’s potential for some great Alison stuff this season, but they’ve repeatedly pushed her into the background. Why was she brought back from the dead when she was more prevalent in flashbacks?

Rachel: I have no idea where Alison is. She’s the reason for all of the girls coming back to Rosewood and now she’s nowhere to be found. I honestly enjoyed Alison more when she was ‘dead’. She was more mysterious and played an important part in the entire plot of the show. Now, she’s just a supporting character who pops up every now and then.

Meaghan: Seriously, what is this girl doing? Writing a new burn book about the girls now that she thinks they had something to do with her sister's death? I am with Jay and Rachel in their frustration about how Ali has been used since she came back from being "dead". We saw so much more of Ali in the flashbacks. Now that she is a "main character" she is always in one or two scenes or absent from the episode completely. Sasha Pieterse is so great as Ali and they need to start giving her more to work with. 

Paul: I'm with everyone else. Why make her a regular only to have her basically be a guest star? It's stupid. 

What did you think of Yvonne?

Jay: I actually really liked her. She doesn’t seem to be Toby’s type at all, but she could be a great addition to the cast. She seems able to challenge Spencer, even in ways that Mona couldn’t, but it’s a shame that she’s only being treated as a short-term love interest.

Rachel: I like Yvonne, she’s a breath of fresh air. I hope we get to see more of her as the season goes along. She must really mean something special to Toby if he’s building her a house.

Meaghan: Yvonne is really sweet. I do feel bad for her that her heart is going to be trampled on by Spoby on their way back to each other. Too bad she couldn't be a love interest for Emily instead. Then she would at least stand a chance at happiness. Side note, did anyone catch the fact that Yvonne mentioned that they like to watch a lot of old shows/movies? Makes me think of A and their obsession with them. 

Paul: I really liked her. She seems very mature and it's refreshing to not have her as an immediate villain.

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