The Flash Season 2 Episode 15 Review: King Shark

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There were essentially three parts to "King Shark."

There was the part that involved the titular character, reminiscent of the cheesiest Syfy movies, played for laughs and hitting the right notes. There was also the lingering effects of the visit to Earth-2 by those who went and the ill-advised keeping of the secrets discovered there. 

Finally, it was on The Flash Season 2 Episode 15 that we dealt with the death of "Jay Garrick," or the man we thought was Jay Garrick and the reveal of Zoom.

Let's dig in!

While I really didn't dig the first time we visited with King Shark, I was able to just settle in and enjoy the ride this time around. 

Maybe it was because that was the intent of the show, as well, with Cisco bringing forth all of the Jaws reminders, and Joe talking about Sharknado. Even Wally finally said to his new family, hey, it's weird around here.

Joe: I don't suppose my homeowners insurance covers a Sharknado attack.
Wally: I don't understand you people. Jaws busts through your house like the Kool-Aid man, The Flash shows up and y'all just act like it's no big deal.
Iris: We've had a lot of weird things happen in Central City over the past two years.
Wally: Weirder than a talking shark wearing pants.

It's not that the group ever takes themselves all that seriously, but sometimes you get to rubbing your head so hard trying to imagine they're really in fear for their lives that it starts to hurt.

Still, I scratched a bit when I realized King Shark was being kept in what appeared to be a shopping mall pond by ARGUS. Right in the middle of Central City. Really? RIP Amanda Waller. You obviously had too much on your plate.

Later, with the breaches all closed and poor King Shark running around town bare-chested in a pair of pants, I actually felt sorry for him. There was no chance he could ever get home! He fell for Zoom's crazy plans just like the Flash team did (hey, they just don't know it yet) and there he was, the fool.

Alright,so I took it a bit far, but you get the point. I hope. The whole story was enjoyable in the goofiest way possible, and it was appreciated.

The drama after the Earth-2 return played out rather well, too. 

Harry took the typical route of a superhero show. Keep it all secret because those we love should never know what their Doppelgangers were up to over there lest they get any crazy ideas.

That almost made sense until Cisco and Barry were unable to contain their own feelings and affected those they love just the same.

It was kind of funny watching Cisco and Caitlin, because after Ronnie's death, Caitlin was already cutting her emotions off. We've seen her deal with grief before, and what she was doing now wasn't any different. It just seemed that way given someone new to compare it to. 

Barry needed to take advantage of Diggle's presence in Central City.

You're starting to do that thing Oliver does, Barry. Carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You gotta stop that, man. It's gonna slow you down.


I'm pretty sure Diggle would spontaneously combust if he didn't have someone to he could watch over and share similar sentiments for any given 48 hour period of time, so it was good timing on Barry's part. We don't want Barry harmed.

The little chat did prompt Barry to tell Joe and Iris what was going on. It wasn't just being on the wrong side of Wally's ire. While it would be tough hearing how wonderful you were when you knew what you caused elsewhere, he was worried about duplicating the actions over here even more.

It did finally give Joe the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart with Wally about his two sons, which was great and long overdue. 

Barry apologized to everyone about going back in time to save his mom and for all the trouble it caused. He wants to get Zoom. The breaches aren't closed permanently. Harry looked on proudly, with his arm around Jesse, so much like her father.

Zoom is Hunter Zolomon. That's my theory. We think he's Jay Garrick, and he is the man we know as Jay Garrick. That's who was revealed at the end of the hour.

Nothing we see is ever as expected, and I think a lot of what will be revealed when The Flash returns on March 22 (dang) will be unexpected.

But one of the things I theorized in my review for The Flash Season 2 Episode 14 was that Jay wasn't Jay at all. I now believe that to be true. I think we have been watching two Hunter Zolomans. In concert. That day in the park? They were in cahoots.

Zoom said it was a complication because with one of them dead, it will be nearly impossible for them to pull off the scam of the century, which was to become a speedster of the greatest degree and infiltrate the Flash team so they could both be fast. Or something.

I'm not really clear yet.

But I have a feeling the Man in the Iron Mask really is Jay Garrick. And he should have pointed to his chest in identification to make that clear, but it would have been too easy for us. 

Andrew Kreisberg gave interviews tonight saying it was all very easy, that we should have known it all along. He mentions how using the Jay Garrick name would fool fans into buying this ruse.

Something about it is going to be messed up, though. I hardly think it's going to be as simple as, "hey, it's two Jays." So that's my theory.

What's yours? What did you think about King Shark take two? Anything about the Earth-2 follow up move you? Hit the comments!

Remember, you can watch The Flash online anytime you need to get your Central City news!

King Shark Review

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Diggle: This half shark is very much alive and his biological imperative is telling him to do one that. That's kill you, Barry.
Cisco: We're gonna need a bigger Flash...

This could be the beginning of Caitlin becoming evil. Aren't you worried about that?