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Caitlin is kind of freaking. Harry says the technology they used to close the breaches cannot be undone. It was designed that way. 

Still, everyone wants to try, because Jay.

Harry asks Cisco and Barry never to talk about Earth 2 to keep from unduly influencing what any of those with doppelgangers on what might be.

So they just live their lives and wait for something metahuman.

Lyla and Diggle are touring ARGUS facilities. They have an aquarium. And the Aquarium features King Shark.

Game night at the West's is a little rough. Wally leaves when he loses. Barry is not happy in general. 

Cisco thinks Caitlin is going to become evil because of the double dose of grief.

Cisco keeps thinking Caitlin is being harsh. Is she being harsh or is he just seeing her differently?

Flash and Diggle are out searching the water for King.

Wally shows Barry his jet engine for cars and Barry gets all into it, sharing information. Wally gets a little offended. Barry backs off and tries to get Wally involved instead.

Cisco tells Caitliin about Killer Frost. She admits she's not feeling because if she does, just after losing Jay, it won't do any good, either.

Wally is jealous of Barry. 

Wally wonders what the hell is up with a talking shark wearing pants and then why Barry is such a coward.

Barry finally has to tell Joe and Iris about their doppelgangers. He blames himself for everything. Especially leaving an entire world at Zoom's mercy.

Cisco is pretty upset at not being the Quint in his Jaws scenario, even after Harry reminds him Quint dies.

Stuff happens, King Shark is captured. 

Barry says he'll never give up on finding Zoom until they're done and he's sorry for going back in time to save his mom since that started everything.


The Flash
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The Flash Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Diggle: This half shark is very much alive and his biological imperative is telling him to do one that. That's kill you, Barry.
Cisco: We're gonna need a bigger Flash...

This could be the beginning of Caitlin becoming evil. Aren't you worried about that?