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When Nyssa holds a cure for Thea hostage in return for Oliver killing Malcolm Merlyn, Oliver has to make a move.

While he's deciding what to do on Arrow Season 4 Episode 13, Felicity is dealing with her father, Noah. He reveals he's The Calculator and knows she's Overwatch. 

Felicity decides to give him the benefit of the doubt with caution. It's up to him whether or not their relationship will proceed happily or not from there.

Meanwhile, Oliver's struggling with his hope that Thea will someday have a wonderful relationship wtih her own father and his intense hatred for the man.

Can he find a way to have the best of all worlds?

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Nyssa: I'm glad you've finally seen reason.
Malcolm: The only thing I've seen is your quick and speedy death.

People don't change. Even if you want them to.