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Oliver and Nyssa argue over why Thea is in the position she's in.

Noah knows his daughter is Overwatch and reveals he's The Calculator. He says his threat to kill 8,000 people was empty and offers to her a record of some of the hacks he's done over the years. 

Oliver refuses to kill Malcolm because he would give anything for one more minute with his own father.

Malcolm doesn't believe anything Oliver says about the elixir. He calls Oliver a handsome idiot. 

Laurel wants Nyssa to accept the terms of the Team's agreement. Let them talk Malcolm into giving up control of the League in return for the Lotus elixir. She accepts, but she says if things go awry, they best be ready for war in the streets and blood of all of her enemies to flow, no matter who they may be.

Felicity wants a test for her father. Oliver realizes that's a great way to bring Merlyn to the bargaining table.

Oliver gets a sample of the elixir from Nyssa. It works. Malcolm is ready to deal.

Donna doesn't think Noah's arrival is cool. At all. She's in mama bear mode and doesn't want Felicity to hurt.

Malcolm double crosses Nyssa in front of a huge audience. For some reason Oliver is surprised. Oliver, who wasn't even suited up for the occasion when he knew damn well Nyssa couldn't handle Malcolm on her own because she admitted as much.

Oliver FINALLY admits he hates Malcolm Merlyn. Diggle tells him to to use that hate to kill him.

Felicity checked out Noah's stuff. She thinks they are a lot alike. They're rekindling their relationship.

Laurel is Black Canarying herself in front of Nyssa's group. The LoA attacks and suddenly Laurel and Nyssa are on the same side. Fire pours out but nobody is burned. Cars crash but nobody is hit. Oliver and Diggle join in the fun.

Laurel is in a cage, remembering the last time she was in there and Thea helped her out. Laurel reminds her that her father is dead and she can finally be free.

Felicity set a trap for her dad. He flunked with flying colors. Oliver shares with Felicity that he's still holding out hope for Malcolm. She wants him to kill him. Oh good God. Malcolm compared Oliver to Damien Darhk and himself to Oliver. He also revealed that he knows about William.

Oliver chooses to fight on behalf of his wife, Nyssa. He wins and doesn't kill Malcolm, but chops off his hand, taking the ring, which he gives to Nyssa. 

This will come back to haunt them. Duh.

Felicity tells her father she thought she was broken when she was little. That nobody would love her. That she would be alone forever. The only thing she knows to be true is that he is wanted by the police. And here they are now.

I'm proud of her.

Felicity has bigger balls than her fiance. She doesn't take years to come to a decision. She doesn't wallow about what might be or what can be. 

Nyssa disbands the League of Assassins. Nobody will be held prisoner by her father any longer. The ring is melted. It's over. Malcolm is once again the big bad I've always considered him.

Oliver wants to know why they're waiting to get married. She'll plan a small ceremony. No caterers. Her mother will hate that.

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Nyssa: I'm glad you've finally seen reason.
Malcolm: The only thing I've seen is your quick and speedy death.

People don't change. Even if you want them to.