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Felicity and Donna Smoak have a very special relationship. 

It may not have always been that way, but by Arrow Season 4 Episode 14, it's very clear they're as close as a mother and daughter can be.

Donna admits to her daughter she has been living vicariously through her, believing what Felicity has with Oliver to be really special. But someone new discovers his secret about William.

How long will things with Felicity and Oliver be as perfect as they seem now?

Donna is struggling because Capt. Lance appears to be pushing her away. Will she discover why before it's too late?

Find out when you watch Arrow online via TV Fanatic. Click above to get all the details!

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Hey, I'm a Vegas girl. Whoever you owe money to is going to have to get up pretty early in the morning to take me on.


You know, this is actually very simple. You either respect me enough to tell me the truth or you don't. Clearly, you don't.