Arrow Round Table: All Hail the Ladies Smoak!

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The Smoak ladies were the focus of Arrow Season 4 Episode 14, but that didn't stop Oliver and Thea from having a nice conversation wherein sister gave brother some questionable advice. 

Join TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann, Caralynn Lippo, Meg Bonney and Carissa Pavlica when they discuss all of that and more. Just share your thoughts in the comments!

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What did you think of the Demolition Team?

Jay: They were really interesting. I'm surprised it took Darhk this long to send them in, because what better way to take down the city than to destroy all of the buildings?

Caralynn: They were one of the more interesting villains of the week in recent memory. That nail gun was absurd though.

Meg: OMG. The nail gun was so hilarious! I could stop laughing! I thought this was a cool change of pace. The sequence with the Lances running out of that building was cool.

Carissa: I thought they were goofy and not all that interesting because the buildings they were in appeared to be empty. Why not demolish buildings that were full of people? That would be far more destructive.

Sing your praise for Donna Smoak.

Jay: Am I the only one who doesn't like Donna? Felicity treats her like garbage and this woman worked her butt off for Felicity to get better opportunities than she had. I do like that she's so independent and she knows who she is, her relationship with her daughter is just terrible (though it's slightly improving). I still believe she's the one in the grave.

Caralynn: I love Donna. She's so happy and cheery and fun. I actually love the relationship between Donna and Felicity. I think it's very realistic for a relationship like theirs, single mom and daughter on their own (particularly when the mom is a little bit lovably eccentric like Donna, and Felicity would have often had to be the parent to her own mom).

I think she's in the grave, but will be totally devastated if she is. After this episode, I'm thinking she'll die when she's caught in the crossfire between Darhk and Quentin Lance, fulfilling Lance's worst fear. They need to tell Donna the truth!! The whole truth.

Meg: She is amazing! You could write her off as a bimbo but she is so not. When she says either you respect me enough to tell me or you don't, I cheered. I really hope nothing bad happens to her!

Carissa: That is so simple. Not only has the character really grown on me, but Charlotte Ross gets more beautiful with each passing appearance. I also disagree with Jay, because Donna and Felicity have come a very long way since Donna reentered Felicity's life. I really hope she's not in the grave. What a travesty.

Curtis earned a Terrific moniker by giving Felicity an amazing engagement gift. Thoughts?

Jay: No. This arc was terribly written. Why put Felicity in a wheelchair only to have her experience little to no growth from this experience and have her a cure to walk again in five episodes? It's all wrong. Curtis is amazing and brilliant and terrific, but they should have ended it with his eternal battery.

Caralynn: I'm with Jay, this is moving really fast. Way too fast. Obviously, we all want Felicity to walk again, but by introducing the disability storyline and solving it in so few episodes, it sort of cheapens it.

It makes it seem like they only did it for shocks, as opposed to for legitimate storyline reasons or character development. I love Curtis, though, and that scene between Curtis and Felicity at the party was beautiful.

Meg: Agreed! It feels a little rushed, but I am curious to see where this goes. We shouldn't assume that this chip will work the way they want. If she has a chip, can she be "hacked" in some way? It could be interesting. Also, Curtis is the best. He and his hot husband need to move out of that crap town!

Carissa: That's so interesting, because I was against Felicity getting cured too soon, but if it was to happen, this seems like a great way to do it. It's almost silly not to do it if they can do all of these other things. In this fantasy world, if death is meaningless, so must be injuries.

What did you think of Thea sussing out Oliver had a son with Samantha named William and then giving him advice?

Jay: I love Thea. I wish her and Oliver had more moments like this, where we can see that they actually do have a relationship and Oliver does more than call her Speedy and stop her from killing people.

Caralynn: I loved it. So glad they gave Thea something to do other than struggle with bloodlust and make those weird animal-sounds when attacking somebody. The reveal scene between Thea and Oliver was wonderful.

Honestly, though, I still think it's ridiculous that he can't tell just Felicity. It's not like Felicity is a giant gossip who's going to spread William's identity around town. It's very contrived.

Meg: it was meh for me, only because I disagree with her. Any good sister would lay into her brother for keeping that from his fiancé. Thea sort of agreed with Oliver's logic for keeping it a secret. Words out buddy. Fess up!

Carissa: I hated it. I don't think Thea would have told Oliver it was a good idea to keep the secret from Felicity because there isn't a reason to keep it. Nobody would know he told her under any circumstances. It makes no sense in any world, on any earth. Worst secret ever.

Do you think Oliver has any idea the damage he has done with Malcolm? Is he bright enough to realize he's sipping coffee in Darhk's lair these days? What are your thoughts?

Jay: If Oliver was bright, there would be no show. He has no idea what Malcolm is up to and it's going to pan out in the worst way.

Caralynn: The entire Malcolm loose end is completely idiotic. I could maybe buy it a little more if Malcolm hadn't told Oliver to his face that he would get revenge on him. Why is Oliver not taking that threat seriously?! He know what Malcolm is capable of, with or without the League of Assassins behind him.

Meg: Oh Oliver. He needs to make killing Malcolm his priority. He is adorable but really stupid when it comes to this.

Carissa: Oliver is slipping into dark territory. I'm beginning to find him a bumbling fool, not just stupid. He's embarrassing. It's hard to root for him. I feel like I did during Arrow Season 3 which was: why would I want Felicity to be stuck with him as a boyfriend, let alone a husband? I don't.

We're coming up on Felicity finally learning the truth about William in the worst possible way. How do you expect her to react? Place your bets!

Jay: I really don't know. Oliver did what he had to do to know his son and be in his life. It's not Felicity's place to be angry with him over that, it's Samantha's life and her wishes. Of course she'll be upset, but if this is the catalyst that ends their relationship, I just don't understand where Felicity would be coming from.

Caralynn: For Felicity, a sore spot is Oliver keeping the truth from her. She'll be upset that Oliver didn't confide in her, that's for sure, but I think she'll quell her anger until after Oliver has rescued William. This may be the catalyst to their breakup in the flashforward. It probably is.

Meg: I think we will see a parallel to the Mama Smoak/Lance scene. She will be pissed and that's how they will break up.

Carissa: I agree with Caralynn. And I think Oliver will be too wrapped up to realize just how upset Felicity is. He'll think he's dodged a bullet, but she'll be very angry once the William kidnapping drama is over. At least I hope so. He doesn't deserve to get away with this.

Arrow Season 4 Episode 15 is titled "Taken" and will put Felicity right in a room with Samantha. Look at photos now!

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