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Ruve introduces herself to Oliver before the debate. 

Felicity shows Oliver an invitation to their engagement party. It shoots glitter. Go Donna!

Team Arrow stalks Ruve in the hopes of finding Damien. Too bad they didn't think to ask Malcolm before they cut his hand off.

Ruve and Damien are chatting. He has news about Malcolm's early birthday gift. Malcolm is now on the inside, sitting in with the group. 

Thea comes to Oliver because Alex found a check Moira wrote to some Samantha person for a cool $1 million, but was never cashed. Might it blow back on Oliver? Oh nooo, it won't. No worries there!

Lance is caught in a collapsing building, but Laurel was hovering and they get out before it's a goner.

Donna wants to support Lance, but he starts pushing her away, worried for her safety. Felicity is worried for her mother's happiness, rightfully so.

Some Darhk thugs are doing something. One has a staple gun. Arrows aren't the greatest match against the speed of a stapler gun. 

The team is trying to get a laptop. Speedy gets it, barely making it out of a crumbling building alive.

Donna thinks Felicity and Oliver are the best couple ever. Never lie.

Thea figures out Samantha's son, William, who is old as the check, is Oliver's. Unbelievably, Thea thinks keeping the secret from Felicity is keeping William safe.

They figure out it's the debate venue going to be blasted. 

Donna wants to go back inside to save Thea and Oliver. 

They fought the baddies. Put arrows in the bombs. Dangerous.

It's time for the engagement party.

Curtis created an implantable bio stimulant for Felicity. He needed to perfect the lifetime power source first. He's just cured paralysis for the entire world. Damn.

Nora Darhk has a new playmate. William. 

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Hey, I'm a Vegas girl. Whoever you owe money to is going to have to get up pretty early in the morning to take me on.


You know, this is actually very simple. You either respect me enough to tell me the truth or you don't. Clearly, you don't.