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The gang is going to Earth-2!

Barry and Cisco join Harry on The Flash Season 2 Episode 13 as they go to Earth-2 to try to save Jesse Wells. But once there, they get caught up in the excitement of it and things go south.

Barry finds himself and subs in as a way to get information. He discovers he's married to Iris and not well liked by his father-in-law, among other things

Cisco can't believe he's so hard to find. Everyone has a doppelganger, right? Find out who is bad, who is good, who is darn right evil and who became the mayor of Central City. 

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Cisco: I got no spit.
Harry: Jaws.
Cisco: I'm not just quoting Jaws. I mean, my mouth is really dry right now.

Is anybody else feeling panic right now? I chickened out of bungee jumping when I was 18, but this is categorically a lot scarier.