Which Character from The Big Bang Theory Are You?

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Tonight on The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 14, we're going to meet Meemaw.

Well, you don't get a chance to find out if you're Meemaw when you take the following quiz.

But you will find out whether you match the personality of another TBBT characters.

Me? I got Will Wheaton. You don't even want to know what it says when you're Will Wheaton. Something about evil incarnate...I kid you not!

On February 25, The Big Bang Theory will air its 200th episode. Can you believe that?!

Will Wheaton will be back as Sheldon's frenemy, Christine Baranski as Leonard's mother and Sarah Gilbert as Leslie Winkle.

Adam West, TV's Batman from the 60s, will make his first appearance, as well. Can you believe he's never been on?

So, you have a few weeks to prepare your act for the big episode. Find out who you are now and share it with us and your friends. Do I have any other Wills in the audience?!

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