iZombie Round Table: Coffee, Coffee, Zombie!

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There was enough coffee on iZombie Season 2 Episode 14 to make Lorelai Gilmore proud! Now that we have had some time to wrap our heads around those shocking moments, pour a cup of Joe and let’s really break it down!

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Caralynn Lippo, Amanda Steinmetz and Meg Bonney as they talk about "Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind," including their theories on all of those twists on the iZombie round table! Join in!  

Izombie Round Table

Drake is an undercover vice cop! React!

Caralynn: Did NOT see that coming at all! What a great twist. I was also thrilled to see Enrico Colantoni, who will never be anyone but Keith Mars to me. This also makes me warm up to Drake a whole lot more. On the other hand, this makes me really concerned about his survival chances... I hope we don't have another Lowell situation on our hands.

Jim: I thought he might be an informant, finding out he is an undercover cop was pretty shocking. Like Caralynn, I hope he will be ok, as we've seen what happens to people who take on Blaine.  

Amanda: I was also surprised by this development. Drake is double-crossing a lot of people, and I don't know if he's going to survive the season. 

Meg: It really makes me love his character so much more. I really, really hope he isn’t killed. Maybe they will keep it going for even longer. I’d love to see him become even more powerful in the Boss gang and see the toll it takes on him. Plus, more Keith Mars is always good!

Chef Ravi - iZombie

Major almost told Liv his secret but was interrupted by Gilda/Rita! Liv punches her out and Gilda is speechless. What was your reaction to that and what will the retaliation be? 

Caralynn: Liv is putting two and two together but she still doesn't even have the full story. As I took it, she doesn't realize Gilda/Rita's Max Rager connection (or Major's real Max Rager job). That punch was fantastic and a long time coming. Go Liv!

Jim: I love that she figured out that Gilda/Rita was the one sending the sexy pics to Major. I just hope Major gets a chance to fill her in before she figures it all out. And that punch was fantastic...  

Amanda: I loved that Liv punched Gilda/Rita, but there's still more she needs to learn about her true identity. I suspect she'll also want to punch Major as well. 

Meg: I agree, that won’t be Liv’s last punch. I am curious to see what happens with Liv going to the Max Rager offices in the next episode. Will there be another showdown? Maybe now that Gilda/Rita is moving out, Peyton can move back in!

Do you think Major called her "Rita" on purpose to tip Liv off or was that a slip? 

Caralynn: Not at all. I thought it was a legitimate slip-up. That's an interesting possibility though, that Major wanted to clue Liv in. I didn't think of that and am still kind of leaning towards it having been a slip.

Jim: I think it was completely intentional, there would be no reason to yell goodnight to someone you just met, so him yelling goodbye really had to be his way of cluing Liv in.  

Amanda: Major totally called her Rita on purpose. He wanted to clue Liv into her real identity without going into the full story. He yelled Rita with way too much force for it to have been a slip-up.

Meg: Totally on purpose. I think that he wanted to let Liv know that Rita isn’t a person she should trust. He couldn’t exactly go into the whole zombie hunter confession with Rita in the room.

Blaine was "killed" and left for dead but crawled out of the grave! What's your theory on that? 

Caralynn: I saw that coming. There was NO way they would kill off Blaine for real. David Anders is ridiculously popular and Blaine is such a great character. My guess is that he's now a zombie again, though he didn't look particularly zombie-ish when he crawled out – just kind of dirty. Maybe he's some new type of creature that we've yet to see? So many possibilities!

Jim: Blaine had been saying the wine tasted weird, I'm betting that he was already slipping back to team Z when they cut his throat and now he's back to being a zombie. I was surprised that he wasn't more feral than he was, but I guess time will tell. 

Amanda: I knew there would be a twist. There was no way they would kill Blaine off like that. Also, he seemed to have been close to turning back into a zombie. The woman he slept with turned into a zombie, so he was probably turning back into one that evening. 

Meg: Good call Amanda! Blaine must have been back in zombie-mode, or at least part way when he was killed. The rat was an uber zombie. I wonder if getting killed is the key to keeping that at bay. Testing it on major is going to be super emotional if that’s the case.

The case this week had an interesting twist with the murderer getting away. Some fans are saying that Cher has some sort of power. Do you think it was love influencing the fake French boyfriend or was it something more?

Caralynn: I think it was love. I think Cher was just a really callous, evil person. I didn't get a magic-y vibe or anything like that. As for the murderer getting away, which happens never (or rarely – I can't actually recall whether this has happened before), I really think it's just because Kacey Rohl is so damn awesome that whenever she has a guest spot anywhere they probably just want to reserve the right to bring her back in the future. Cher is kinda spooky with how cold-blooded she was.

Jim: I don't think it was magic either. I think she just played on Gilbert's sympathies and she is very, very good at manipulating him. I do have to ask why he was out of the lockup when she arrived, there would have been no reason for her to have been in the same area as him, especially if cops had been sent to arrest her. But, beyond that, it was a decent twist that she got away.  

Amanda: It never occurred to me that she could have had powers. I think Cher was able to manipulate her boyfriend's love for her. Cher didn't seem to possess any magic. Since she's the first murderer to get away, does that mean we will see her again some day? 

Meg: I hope we get her back. She was so very evil and manipulative, it would be great to see what she could do as a zombie. I also think it was love, but I am thinking that this was to show a greater theme in the show. Love makes you do crazy things. I think that will be a huge theme later this season with Major and Liv and even Drake.

What are your thoughts? Hit the comments and make sure you are back here on Tuesday night, after iZombie Season 2 Episode 15 for a full review! They are taking a short break, but here is a photo preview to tide you over while we wait!

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