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Only a small portion of the utopium is recovered but Ravi is able to use it to make more of the zombie cure and he tests it on one of the rats before attempting to give it to Major. 

At the local coffee shop, the plucky owner is killed. Clive tells Liv and Ravi that it's murder and Liv goes with Clive to investigate. They find a woman who has broken in at the crime scene. She is aggressive in Liv's vision and Clive arrests her. 

Major goes to see Ravi to check on the status of the zombie rat that Ravi injected with the cure and it has turned into a ravenous zombie. 

Clive and Liv talk to the victim's ex-husband who says that the victim stole his shop's business but maintains his innocence. 

Mr. Boss realizes that Blaine is the one giving info to D.A.'s office. He decides to kill him.

Liv and Ravi go to the memorial for the murdered coffee shop owner. Ravi hits on the shop girl and Liv talks to the victim's daughter, Cher. Liv has a vision of Cher stealing from the register. 

Drake and his friends are ambushed by cops. Drake punches the officer and flees. 

Liv and Ravi question the daughter and the daughters boyfriend. Liv doesn't think she is guilty and tells Clive to look at Stan, but his alibi checks out. 

Clive uncovers some new info on Cher's boyfriend and Clive focuses on him. Liv and Clive interrogate Cher's boyfriend and he agrees to confess and reveal Cher's involvement but Cher gets to him before they can secure the confession. 

Drake is being questioned by the detective and reveals that he is working undercover and has been giving the cops info on Mr. Boss. He is an agent. The vice detective tells Drake that he needs to break up with Live, but Drake refuses. 

Blaine is singing at the funeral when he is abducted by Mr. Boss. Mr. Boss' man cuts Blaine's throat.

At Liv's apartment, she is waiting for Drake to come over but Major drops in before he can get there. Major is about to tell Liv his secrets when Liv's roomate comes home.

It's Gilda but when Major calls her Rita, Liv connects the dots. Liv punches her and tells her to move out. 

Blaine climbs out of the grave that Mr. Boss left him in and is somehow alive. 


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