Nashville Season 4 Episode 12 Review: How Does It Feel to Be Free

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Newcomer Vita shakes things up for Rayna and Deacon on Nashville Season 4 Episode 12. A unique singer with a seemingly good heart and a haunting past, including a criminal record, who oddly reminds me of Sadie Stone.

Vita seems to be headed down the right path with Rayna, but she's been arrested for a felony.

With Rayna's luck, it was probably for murder. She's living in her car and used her voice to get herself a job at Deacon's bar. But Frankie accuses her of stealing $500 from the till.

Is he lying because of his obvious dislike of her? What is she hiding?

Maddie's journey during Juliette's absence has been very fulfilling to watch. Now that she's past her whiny, childish crying over being signed with her sister, she's gone down a difficult path with Colt.

After they went all the way, Colt left for his grandfather's, which I was hoping would eliminate him from the show, but I'm just not that lucky.

Now, Maddie's friend, Cash, is helping her channel her inner Taylor Swift and dig deeper for her own music. Maddie really needed this type of role model: someone who tells her that she deserves respect and she deserves to be her own person. Rayna won't like this. At all.

You know what sucks about guys that date girls like us? We get to write songs about them.

Cash (to Maddie)

But this is obviously creating some problems with Daphne. She overheard Cash and Maddie harmonizing and dreamed of smashing those guitars over their heads and demand that she be treated with respect, too.

Will's coming out story has been something to watch.

On this episode, Will finally broke free and became himself. The man at the bar that so rudely threw a bottle at him and broke his nose, Will didn't press charges and came back and confronted him at the bar again, but with compassion.

Will sent the man a beer and explained that he's done letting other people stop him from performing.

This Will is worth watching. Three seasons later and he's finally ok with being gay and done explaining himself to the business.

The Will, Scarlett, and Gunnar friendship is one worth exploring more.

Gunnar and Scarlett's defensive behavior as Will tried to perform, but was rudely interrupted, then their rush to the bar when the thought Will was going to beat the man's face in is a bond that has been endured amidst all the chaos and drama of Nashville.

Meanwhile, Luke is reeling after the 40 million in debt to the IRS and his fans are turning on him. Has he paid this back yet? Is he ever going to? He seems to be searching for options to make more money, and now that Juliette is out for the time being, what does he have left?

What is next for Luke, now that his business has all but crumbled?

It's really sad to see him trying so hard with Colt, yet Colt has the audacity to ignore the 85 messages that he scrolled through on his phone. At least let your father know that you're alive, and stop treating your girlfriend like dirt, man. Not cool.

And then there's Avery, who is finally free of Juliette. For probably a week and then she'll return and ruin his life, again.

His demand of Juliette that she announce their separation was completely justified, and it's interesting to see that she actually went through with it. I can't wait for Juliette to come back and rile things up with Avery, Layla, and Rayna. 

Plus, what is Layla's endgame? She's getting closer to Avery, but does she want to be with him, or just make Juliette suffer? They're already divorced, what more could she want? Is Layla just pulling an Emily Thorne and not stopping until she has her revenge?

Juliette is confirmed to be back in episode 14, so we just have one more episode before the wait is finally over! Are you excited? How will she shake things up in Nashville? What do you think Vita is hiding, and do you think she's innocent? 

Don't forget, you can watch Nashville online to remember what drove Juliette to rehab and how she left things with her fellow Nashville citizens before her return!

How Does It Feel to Be Free Review

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