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After a major Rayna and Deacon episode, the lovebirds took the backseat as other characters were explored in the light of the recent Nashville events. 

Will returns to town, desperate to restart his performing career again after a failed stint as a song writer. When Scarlett and Gunnar give him some space in their set, he is confronted by more hate over who he is: a disgusting man repeatedly shouts slurs and then throws a bottle at Will's face, breaking his nose. From there, Will heads to the police station to file a report and charge the man with a felony hate crime. Does he go through with it?

Maddie deals with the aftermath of the physical relationship she had with Colt, as he becomes more distant at his grandfather's. Maddie's new friend, Cash, Deacons business partner's daughter, helps Maddie channel her inner Taylor Swift and sing about her feelings. Together they work on new music and try to help Maddie tap into her deeper stuff, working past the subconscious block she's put up.

Luke's 40 million debt to the IRS takes its toll as his fans turn against him and his business falls apart. No longer is he expanding his business, instead he's searching for ways to make more money. When he learns that Juliette is out for an unknown time, he starts searching for other leads.

Avery's anger toward Juliette comes to blows as she is unreachable in rehab.

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

I have pretended for months that we still have a marriage!


When I'm out on the road, I tend to focus more on my fans than my finances.