Scorpion Season 2 Episode 21 Review: Twist and Shout

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Heywood somebody give me the name of a good lawyer?

On Scorpion Season 2 Episode 21, Ralph discovered a new downside of his brilliant mind when he presented a project at one of his college classes. His professor failed him, and then stole his program.

Geez, you have to be a sad little man to steal from an eleven year old. Also, sorry, I really couldn't help it with the Heywood Jahelpme pun. Can you make a pun out of a name that is already a pun?

Before we dive into Ralph's storyline further, I just want to comment on the absolute hilarity that was Sylvester embarrassing Ralph. He made a shirt, guys. A SHIRT. I'm honestly disappointed that Sly didn't make a sign to go along with his shirt. A foam finger would have been sufficient.

Tornado! - Scorpion

It was so cute to see Ralph be embarrassed of Sly because it just shows how much Team Scorpion has become Ralph's family. Embarrassing people at important events is what family does.

It was such a small moment, but it spoke volumes. I love these little family moments that Scorpion has, and this one was especially cute.

Okay, back to the thieving professor. Ralph's a way to see moments from the genius side of Team Scorpion's childhood. They've experienced what Ralph is going through. We learn more about Team Scorpion by how they are able to help Ralph, or how they react to something in Ralph's life.

If the professor didn't turn out to be a giant jerk, what do you think Ralph's next step after getting that failing grade should have been?

I can imagine Team Scorpion going down (mainly Walter) and telling the professor to fix the grade because he's too stupid to get Ralph's brilliance. It's doubtful that that conversation would have yielded positive results, so what should Ralph have done?

Heywood Jahelpme is such a random but fun character. I like that he is getting brought into a variety of things.

Of course, it still sucks that Sly can't get on any game shows to win money for the pediatrics wing for Meagan, but I'm looking forward to seeing Heywood work with Ralph. He's always entertaining to watch, and anything that gives me more Ralph with Team Scorpion is awesome in my book.

Your professor is a human. You're a genius. Now I have faith in your mind, but if you don't, then there's no point in you having your ability.


The case of the week wasn't half bad. One of my favorite movies is Twister, so I was already partially in love with the case just from the promo.

I could have done without John meeting the man who killed his father. It was a little much. All it did was prove to John that his father was buried there, which didn't really need to happen. John was already pretty convinced of this fact, and the nursing home guy just brought in unnecessary drama.

What did you think? Did you enjoy John meeting and forgiving the man who killed his father?

I did enjoy the fact that Team Scorpion took this case to help bring marines home. It spoke to Cabe's service and character, and it allowed Walter to tackle a concept that he didn't quite understand.

What I do wish was different was that other members of Team Scorpion had the same lack of understanding as Walter did. They all seemed to get why retrieving remains was important.

Toby, Sly, and Happy also have difficulties understanding some aspects of normal human life and behavior due to their low levels of EQ. Paige isn't just there to help Walter. I wish we didn't always focus on Walter's struggle.

Tim and Walter's weird relationship is growing on me. I prefer the awkward friendship to the standoffish/jealous scenes. Tim reaching out to Walter and then taking his advice was just hilarious, especially Walter's reaction.

I hope we see more of Walter trying to accept Tim and his potential relationship with Paige. 

Happy: Besides, I could take a break from that hat.
Toby: Me and the hat are a packaged deal.
Happy: Not anymore.

What did you think of the episode? Did Toby suggest that he might be proposing to Happy soon? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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Twist and Shout Review

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I am taking responsibility for saying no to a date with a great guy.


A physical advantage will eventually wane in face of superior intellect.