The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Where Is Klaus?!?

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Is the whole Armory story line a drag?

On The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 14, our favorite vampires crossed paths, while Damon found himself in a very tricky situation.

TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica, Miranda Wicker and Paul Dailly chat about Klaus' whereabouts, Klaroline and the Heretics.

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What are your thoughts on the Armory story line?

Carissa: They only got my attention when Enzo got family. Although I have to say that I find it utterly ridiculous that Enzo, who was (If I recall correctly) a poor nobody on a ship who Lily turned into a vampire before she's boxed away with her heretics, has a family member who somehow ended up in the Biz.

Miranda: It's so, so completely nonsensical that this super army of vampire hunters and supernatural collectors has been operating under our noses presumably this entire time and we're just now encountering them. And with the way Mystic Falls seems to attract this sort of thing, I'm beginning to think it was built on a Hellmouth. (I wish it made me want Enzo to stick around, but...ugh.) 

Paul: I hate it. It's lazy writing and the fact we are meant to believe this has been going on all this time is even more ludicrous. 

Should Klaus and Caroline have shared a scene in the presence of one another, rather than a phone call? 

Carissa: I didn't mind the scene being by phone, and it was my favorite of the night. It's easy to understand why Klaroline fans want them together, because the very best of everything is written for them. 

Miranda: I loved that they never met in person and only spoke on the phone. I am *not* a diehard Klaroline shipper, but they have more chemistry OVER THE PHONE than Caroline has had with just about anyone else she's ever hooked up with. It's all Joseph Morgan's fault. 

Paul: I'd have liked it to be face-to-face, but there's a strong chance they would have cheated on their partners, so it was fine.

Where is Klaus three years from now?

Carissa: I don't think he was anywhere, but they've been told to tell Caroline he's somewhere. Klaus isn't leaving the show. I also don't believe Caroline won't seek out Klaus in the next three years, so I've found my first problem with the time jumps. Either they're jumping soon, or this was a poor choice.

Miranda: Klaus is definitely not leaving the show, but I kind of think the broken sire link is going to have an effect on him and he's either going to 1) go off creating a NEW sire family (if that's how it works) or 2) he's holed up in the compound refusing to leave his room and completely paranoid and will only talk to Therapist Cami so no one has technically seen him in 3 years. 

Paul: I guess he could have compelled the residents of New Orleans to say that he's gone because it looks like he's going to be in for a terrible time with everyone he has wronged over the centuries.

Is there any chemistry between Enzo and Bonnie?

Carissa: Not yet, but actors tend to turn it on when it's written for them.

Miranda: The thing is, yes. There is. They have spark and wit and he's a natural substitute for Damon with the similar looks and shared history at Whitmore. But the story they're being given to drive them together? It's garbage. 

Paul: I honestly think this has got to be the worst pairing in TV history. They both hate each other and Enzo doesn't deserve Bon Bon and her crazy magic.

Will the Heretics come back to town, or will they continue to run?

Carissa: I'll be honest, I'm already bored of the Huntress. Is there anything more boring than Stefan on the run after one episode? Good lord. Catch him already and do what you will. If we now add the Heretics to the mix AND follow their actions? I might have to excuse myself. If they just take their leave? I'm good with that.

Miranda: Valerie is going to manage to stay out of the Huntress' way somehow, so she won't have to run. Mary Louise and Nora? I hope they're about to become an Initiative Armory science experiment. 

Paul: I'd like Nora and Valerie to stay put, but Mary Louise needs a personality transplant or she can just go away.

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