Vinyl Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Cyclone

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Although I saw the signs of that ending rather early on, and pinpointed it outside of Max's, it was still well done.

Richie's bender brought out some bad memories on Vinyl Season 1 Episode 6, and we finally know what Devon meant when she told him that when they drink and do drugs people die.

She meant that quite literally.

Descending Into Debauchery - Vinyl

The only experience I've had with people on coke binges were when I was out drinking, so my perception of them was probably a bit muddled. I was having a good time, so maybe those people just looked a bit gregarious. I remember one fellow in particular who used to walk in with a look on his face similar to Richie's.

When they enter the room, they're dancing a bit, their arms are open and they expect the world to stop and take notice. Even if nobody else is in the same frame of mind.

Now, as an adult (a well adjusted one!), seeing that type of behavior play out is incredibly uncomfortable. It's just not something someone who is married with two children should do. Ever.

Whether Richie is a record executive who is supposed to be known for his gregarious nature or not, it's obvious what he's fallen into now is the pit of despair. 

And instead of stepping up to be the man he should when Devon left him with the kids and the house, his addiction claimed him body and soul. Seeing Ghosts from your past is one thing, but taking them on tour across the city and to your day job is another.

I'm surprised nobody called him on it. Even Devon only said "not again" and left him again, this time with the kids in tow. 

Devon could have easily dropped off the edge, just like her husband. Despite being the injured party, she held it together and returned home. Her reward wasn't all that fulfilling. 

Frankly, neither was mine as a viewer. I'm a sucker for the Andy Warhol days, and I'd love to see Devon catch up with Joe Dallesandro. He was always a favorite, and would have the kind of wow factor of seeing some of the stars we're seeing from the record business.

Maybe Richie felt fine to fall apart because he brought Andie on board. She fits in straight away, and while she has a similar frenzied way about her, she's genuine. People like her, even if they might be worried she'll overtake their thunder. 

You know they had no idea David Bowie would be gone by the time this episode aired, and the actor they picked to portray him was great. Just getting to see him again, hearing the are you Ziggy or not, was amazing. Zak doesn't have the smooth talking demeanor of his friends Andie and Richie, that's for sure.

I'm excited to see what lies ahead for Andie and the label. Let's see her get her hands onto Kip and the Nasty Bitz. Julie and Jamie could use some help. At least he found his lead in a guitar thief. Please don't make him cut his hair! Variety is good.

It crossed my mind I'd stop covering the show because, let's face it, you guys just aren't into it. Then comes the news on Vinyl Season 1 Episode 7 Richie and Zak are heading to LA and detouring in Vegas for a visit with Elivis Presley. Oh, come on!!

I'll be dancing with myself right here, as always. 

And just when you think there may not be anything interesting left for Vinyl to offer or it's only a study of debauchery and depravity and how low a man can sink before crawling back to the top again, they throw in "Cyclone" with Ernst and the accident. 

The whole thing played out very well, like a masterful horror tale. But this wasn't meant to be horrific in the ghost story sense, rather in the sense that one man has been living with his poor choices and can't find a way to forgive himself. 

Not bad for a rock n roll story.

Cyclone Review

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