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Was the world ready for a female speedster?

What would the world even do if they knew there were two speedsters? 

After the events on The Flash Season 2 Episode 16, they may never know.

Cisco was vibing throughout the hour, but didn't share with the group. He was seeing Zoom.

It wasn't until the very end that they realized what we already knew. Jay and Zoom were connected.

That news hit them hard, especially since Barry was feeling slow and Harry a bit off.

Was the first female speedster worth the airtime? Did Barry get faster? What's next?

Find out all of that and more when you watch The Flash online via TV Fanatic!

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Well, you want to get faster. Maybe plummeting to your death is the motivation you need.


Wanna take a shortcut? You want to take a shortcut? Remember this. You lose a chunk of your humanity every time you compromise your values.