The Flash Round Table: Female Speedster Hit or Miss?

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The first female speedster took to the roads onĀ The Flash Season 2 Episode 16, but did she make a good impression or no impression at all? The round table discusses that, Jesse's departure for Opal City, Iris' new editor and the Flash team's night out.

Join in the conversation. TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Meg Bonney, Jay Ruymann and Jim Garner have gotten it started, now all you need to do is share your thoughts in the comments.

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Eliza/Trajetory?

Allison: I liked the purpose that she fulfilled. She not only showcased the dangers of Velocity 9, but her blue lightning led to the team figuring out that Jay is Zoom. It was a much more exciting way for them to unmask Zoom. As for Eliza as a person? She wasn't all that interesting. It was hard to understand her struggle and addiction since we hadn't met her before this episode

Meg: I liked her. I love when the villains are super crazy, that's the best kind and with her, it was a V9 addiction. I also really liked that she has a connection with Caitlyn. Usually these villains are just so random.

Jay: I agree, I liked that she was a little insane and what she helped Barry accomplish, but it was also disappointing. They hyped the lady speedster so much, and she was meh. Not a great villain.

Jim: I agree Jay, she was a little insane, but way under-used as a villain. I would like to have seen her get away to turn back up another time.

What's the worst part about Jesse leaving for Opal City?

Allison: Girl, what money do you have? Do you understand anything about our Earth? I mean Harry doesn't even understand Earth 1 blood types, which is an important thing to know. Jesse leaving was a horribly stupid decision. If she wanted space, she could have started to build a life in Central City. Enroll in college. Get a job and an apartment so you can live out of Star Labs and on your own. For someone who is supposedly smart, this was a poorly thought out plan.

Meg: nothing? I am not a huge Jesse fan so I wasn't too broken up to see her go. She will be back in sure, but I hope she comes back to help the team and not as a damsel in distress.

Jay: I agree with Meg. Nothing. She didn't add much to the show besides being Wells' reason to stop Zoom.

Jim: I agree Allison, why not build a life in Central City, why do you need to leave to have a life? Given the only people who know the truth about her and could help her are all there.

Why did everyone hate the club where they went dancing?

Allison: The only thing I can think of is that they aren't clubbing people. If that's the case, then why suggest going to a club at all? I wish we saw more of the team dancing because Cisco dancing was one of the highlights of the hour.

Meg: Because staying home in your pjs is way more fun! Their "work" lives are so busy and hectic that they all strike me as Netflix and actually chill kind of people. I hope they go back though. Cisco's moves were the best.

Jay: They're all lame. All they do is sit around and science. Cisco is the only one that knows how to let loose, and his face when the couple bumped into him is exactly the face I do at any club. It also just seemed like a weird club.

Jim: No kidding Jay, that club looked like a fun place to dance and Cisco was leaving all on the dance floor!

What do you make of Iris' new editor, Scott?

Allison: I like that he isn't enamored with the Flash. He poses an interesting viewpoint. I haven't seen enough of him and Iris to really decide if I ship them or now. I'm still not sure if I really want Iris to be dating. I'd love to see her get some meatier storylines, but a new guy isn't what I was thinking.

Meg: I really liked him! I thought it was super weird that he just immediately assumed that they were going on a date. Should he really be dating his employees? Isn't he new? Chill buddy.

Jay: A little forward with Iris and a little harsh toward the Flash. I'd like to see more of both of those things, and see whether he has a bad past with superheroes, and him and Iris would be cute together. For a few episodes. Still waiting for her and Barry.

Jim: I'm curious about his background too. He seemed awfully quick to vilify The Flash. I like him overall though.

Did anything else about the episode stuck out for you?

Allison: The scene where Cisco tells everyone that Jay is Zoom was just really awkward, directing wise. It bothered me seeing them all stand in a line looking shocked. Also, it was really convenient that the last vibe Cisco had is when Zoom takes off his mask.

Meg: Cisco is amazing. The drones he brought to catch Barry were genius. His vibes cracked the case and he is a sick dancer. He was the episode and maybe even the series MVP. They should give him more credit on a daily basis.

Jay: I loved Iris and Barry talking about their married counterparts. I hope that the writers give in and explore their relationship sooner rather than later, I'm kind of over it being dragged out. Don't pull an Arrow on us, guys.

Jim: I agree with Allison, the whole scene where Cisco vibed out Jay as Zoom was very oddly done. For example, why did Barry need to smash the glass enclosure to get Jay's helmet? Could he just lift the enclosure off, or open the top? Even if your suspect something is odd with Jay, would you really smash all the work you put into that?

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