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The Flash team is at some sort of falls and Barry is being all Evil Knevilish. He misses the big jump and Cisco's drones save him.

Back at the Lab, Barry wants to keep at it. Cisco and Caitlin want to go to the club. Awww yeah! Jesse wants to go along. Harry demands she wear a metahuman alert bracelet. Jesse meets Wally and her watch keeps going off. 

She goes to the bathroom to remove it. But when she gets there, she hears something from her dad about what he would do if he could catch those who had taken her.

Meanwhile, Caitlin and Cisco are dancing. While Iris and Barry are discussing their doppelgangers evenings, a Flash comes in and robs everyone. Trajectory.

Iris' boss is super excited about proving the Scarlet Speedster is a terrible criminal. Her assignment? His journey from Streak to Freak. Due on his desk tomorrow.

Jesse goes to Harry about killing a man to get her back. She cannot believe when he confirms it. She's devastated. He was her hero. 

AS the team tries to understand the new speedster, Caitlin talks about V-9. Barry can't believe she and Harry kept him in the dark. Barry gets a look at the little girl besting him in speed.

Caitlin and Joe go to Mercury Labs to chat with Cait's friend, Eliza. She doesn't have much to share.

At the office, Iris wants to chat with her boss over coffee to put off the story for a while.

Somehow, Eliza has split personalities because of the drug she created. 

Barry considers taking the V-9. Harry stops him. The speedster comes in and puts Barry into a holding cell. How she knew where there were or how to operate them? No idea.

Harry buys time saying they'll make V-9 for her while she stands there waiting, holding a gun on Jesse's head.

Iris' new boss thinks their coffee may be a date. Oh! His name is Scott. He likes her. 

Meanwhile, Bitch made them give Jesse V-9. She needs a blood transfusion stat. Thankfully dad is a match, because they don't have the same blood types on our earth. That's...odd.

Jesse cannot believe how dark Harry will go to protect her, not even thinking about what other lives are at stake. 

Trajectory is running back and forth on a bridge to create enough friction to collapse the bridge because...evil..

After Barry stops Eliza and before she injects herself again, Barry tries to talk her out of another injection. Harry was proud, listening in. She says some smart ass comment and races off, where she proceeds to burn alive after her lightning turns blue. Her suit, however, was made well enough that it was left behind.

Iris shares with Scott that not being a fan of The Flash is not a dating deal breaker.

Jesse leave town for Opal City, leaving behind only a voicemail for dad.

When they're all discussing the blue lightning and Barry says Jay is Zoom, Cisco offers up that he's been vibing Zoom. They make hom put on the helmet. When he does, he sees Jay in the suit.

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Well, you want to get faster. Maybe plummeting to your death is the motivation you need.


Wanna take a shortcut? You want to take a shortcut? Remember this. You lose a chunk of your humanity every time you compromise your values.