Nashville Season 4 Episode 14 Review: What I Cannot Change

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Juliette's return boosts the show back to its usual drama on Nashville Season 4 Episode 14.

Still recovering, Juliette returns and is offered a film role right away, though she's hesitant to accept and miss spending time with Cadence, though she is only allowed three hours a week.

Putting her in the situation of asking Avery to spend more time with Cadence or have Juliette take the role, if not, doesn't show that she's changed. Juliette obviously wants to fix her relationships, but Avery is the weight on her shoulders.

I'm interested to see where her story goes from here. She unexpectedly told the press about her time in rehab and turned down the movie to fix her relationship with her daughter, which might ruin her career.

I need to focus on getting back into my regular life.


I want Juliette to have changed, but I'm not sure how she can fix her relationship with Avery after everything they've been through. 

The song she sang to Cadence sounded much more like it was about Jeff and her guilt over his death, rather than her guilt over her family.

She returned so suddenly and is still obviously dealing with self-acceptance and trying to forgive herself, but it's entirely possible that something will break her again.

It's upsetting that all of this character growth had to happen off screen, but I'm ready for Juliette to make Nashville crazy, yet again.

Is it wrong that I don't feel sorry for Layla whatsoever? She set her sights on Avery to settle the score with Juliette and now that her album is coming out, she's this big star suddenly.

Rayna's trying to get her to open for a big star, but now she chose Scarlett and Gunnar over Layla to open, so who else will Layla try and take down?

Colt has really matured lately. He's enlisted in the army now, so we might never see him again, but it was very big of Luke to let his son do that.

Luke had every right to refuse, including his fear for Colt's safety. Now that he's lost his son, does Luke care what happens to him anymore?

Will is still trying to find a way to make his music and be gay, considering producing an independent album, but now that Luke has reopened their record deal, what is Will going to do?

Bringing back Kevin through the songs they wrote together better mean that Kevin will be back shortly, because he and Will were so good together and their breakup was so unexpected and lame. 

I hope Will finally finds a way to accept himself, make music, and have a healthy relationship, before Nashville ends for good, because he deserves it after the hell he's been through. Most of that was his fault, though.

Meanwhile, Rayna is hounded the police for answers about what happened to Vita and her car and how the search is going.

Except there is no search. There was no blood, nothing to suggest foul play other than the trashed car, plus they have many other open cases just like that.

Why is Rayna so interested in Vita? I understand that she was a good musician, but she was in one episode for five minutes and her presence made Frankie unbelievably angry.

What happened to Vita? Is she actually missing? Will Juliette ever get her happy ending? What is next for Will?

Leave your comments below and don't forget, you can watch Nashville online right here at TV Fanatic. Get ready for more drama next week. Welcome home, Juliette!

What I Cannot Change Review

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Nashville Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Doctor: How do you feel?
Juliette: Sad to see her go. But other than that, good. Different.

I need to focus on getting back into my regular life.