Nashville Season 4 Episode 16 Review: Didn't Expect It to Go Down This Way

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Maddie has finally had enough on Nashville Season 4 Episode 16.

After Deacon's outburst at the bar, Maddie runs away, leaving her parents frantic to find her and bring her back home. Though with her new plan of emancipation, Maddie may never be going home again.

I know Maddie is Rayna's daughter, but she is by far the worst character on this show. She's so hot and cold and while that is an accurate description of a teenager, this is a soap more fitted for adults.

Maddie didn't have a story until it was decided that she was an adult and should have her own career, leaving her sister behind, almost useless to the story now.

I originally loved Maddie and Daphne together. When they sang together, it was beautiful, and now we're lucky to get Maddie in a scene without Cash.

Rayna and Deacon have every right to treat Cash the way they have been. She's a terrible influence on Maddie, and while some aspects of their entire situation are relevant (like holding her back from her career), other aspects are ridiculous.

Maddie is making some of the same mistakes Rayna did with her family.

Avery accepts Layla's offer to go on tour together, which causes a stir for Juliette.

As much as I love Juliette, she's such a drama queen. Sliding back into old habits of jealousy and manipulation, she landed herself the starring spot on Luke's tour, now that Riff is out after having a stroke.

The love triangle between Avery, Layla, and Juliette, is already a bit stale. Avery and Juliette have Cadence, which is one of Juliette's main motivations to go on tour together. 

They have a bond that Layla will never experience with Avery, and though it doesn't always work out between couples, both clearly have unresolved feelings for one another, so it's only a matter of time.

Hopefully Juliette will start acting a little less like the stereotypical, crazy ex-wife soon and become the person that came back from rehab, serene and motivated, but she also brings out all of the best drama on this show, so I'm torn.

Luke's tour is a giant mess now. Juliette left and went to rehab, Riff was recruited and then left because he had a stroke after nights with an escort, booze, and pills, and now Juliette's back again, with her ex-husband helping the opener. 

Luke needs to pull his life together, he is a mess in general. He keeps almost achieving this and takes five steps back.

Poor Will. He's Mr. Movin' On now and his first attempt at a date is a bust. We've all been there, man.

Asking your straight back-up singer who doesn't know it's a date, on a date, and awkwardly ruining the entire night. At least he's finally moving on and getting back into his music.

Don't forget, you watch Nashville online right here at TV Fanatic to see Will overcome the struggles of homophobia with class, or see Juliette's fierce season one attitude again.

Is Autumn trying to break up The Exes? Scarlett and Gunnar seem to be in her game. How will Juliette, Layla, and Avery influence the tour? Will Maddie be emancipated? Let us know below what your theories are!

Didn't Expect It to Go Down This Way Review

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