Scorpion Season 2 Episode 24 Review: Toby Or Not Toby

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My heart can't decide whether or not to elated or devastated.

On Scorpion Season 2 Episode 24, the relationships that make up Team Scorpion were front and center. The entire hour was about how teamwork can be a benefit and the pros and cons of romantic involvements.

Oh my god, where to begin? I guess let's discuss the "case" of the hour – Toby's kidnapping.

Toby Is Kidnapped - Scorpion

If you've watched any sort of crime procedural before, odds are you've had to endure a major character being held hostage by a psycho. It's a great way to drum up suspense and raise the stakes for everyone – characters and viewers alike.

Toby's kidnapping was different, and that's what I loved about it. There were still the Scorpion quirks. They went about trying to locate Toby in unusual ways, like vandalizing a hospital by tearing up beds and throwing flour on tables. 

One thing that really stood out was that the kidnapping was not what it appeared to be. Mark presented Team Scorpion with his demand, but that's not really what he was after. There was an unpredictability about Mark's motives, and even though we spent time with him and Toby, we were never any closer to figuring out what he was up to than Team Scorpion was.

Sylvester: He told me to listen carefully, not to how he wanted me to take care of Happy. Why would he want me to take care of Happy? She terrifies me.
Happy: Just get to where he is!
Sylvester: See?

The secrecy kept us on our toes, and then the entire event, obviously, put our favorite team of geniuses through the ringer. There was Mark getting inside Toby's head, Mark's showdown with Walter, and Happy having to endure the agony of not being able to find and save the man she loves.

There were so many great dynamics going on, and before we dive into the romance of the hour, let's focus on Walter and Mark's showdown.

Ever since the beginning, Scorpion has been about this team of geniuses that don't know how to interact with the world. Bit by bit, Paige has helped them, Walter especially, see the value in being kind to people, listening to what they have to say, and just experiencing more than a new puzzle to solve.

During Toby's rescue mission, Walter realized that his humanity and the love he has for his team aren't weaknesses. They're a strength.

We were literally confronted with who Walter used to be (a less crazy version of Mark), and who he is now. Mark taunted Walter with what the old Walter would have done. That version of Walter would have not gone to rescue a friend. He would have put logic over emotion and taken down Mark.

Mark and Walter's face off was a great way for us to be able to see how far Walter's come. Walter's obviously been slowly changing and embracing his humanity, and so week to week, the change isn't really always noticeable. Mark was just a fantastic foil for Walter, and Mark allowed us to really see how Walter made great strides since we met him in that diner on Scorpion Season 1 Episode 1.

I'm not like most humans, Mark, but I have gained humanity these past years. The old Walter would have remembered your story about the uncle but not really understood the relevance.


Alright, time to delve into some heartbreak. Oh Quintis, why do you bring me so much pain?

First off, I really loved seeing Happy this vulnerable and yet super angry. She was scared out of her mind that she was going to lose Toby, but she's Happy Quinn, so she showed that in her own way. I mean she even corrected a guy who got Toby's name wrong and did his whole "doctor, Harvard" thing. I never thought I'd see that happen.

I also didn't think Happy would refuse Toby's adorable, song-filled proposal because she was married to another man. If anything, I thought she would be too scared to open herself up to marriage and potentially starting a family that could share Toby's tendency to carry a hat around with him everywhere. 

Instead, Happy revealed that she's married to another man, and Mark knew about itHe told Toby that Happy would have to say no to the proposal. It's too coincidental to write off that Mark was just guessing.

I think he actually knows something about Happy's marriage. This means that Happy has been married for awhile because she hasn't work with Mark in ages. Odds are either Mark found out or Happy confided in him. My money's on he somehow found out, but that's besides the point.

Now, I have to wait until September to learn who Happy is married to and how Team Scorpion is coping now that Quntis is dunzo? This not okay.

Then, there's Waige. 

Paige essentially asked Walter for an excuse not to go away with Tim. She knew that the weekend would most likely progress her relationship with Tim, and after Walter's speech that was totally not about Toby, Paige asked for a reason to stay with Walter this weekend. This was Paige's way of showing Walter that she's still interested in him.

Even though this hour showed Walter making huge strides by realizing his humanity isn't a weakness, I liked that he's still an idiot. I liked that Toby had to drill it into his thick head in order for Walter to have his "a-ha!" moment. It shows that there's still so much further for Walter to grow. Plus, anytime Toby is angry and sassy with Walter it makes my day.

I prefer emotional cliffhangers to "oh my god are they going to die?!" cliffhangers, so this finale just hit all the marks for me. It was character driven. We dialed back the crazy life or death situations, and we just focused on the reason why we all tune in every week – Team Scorpion. This finale reminded me of why I love this show so much, and it's definitely got me excited for season three. What about you?

Toby: What I'm about to say is not fueled by emotion or the worm I just swallowed. It's fueled by my love for you. You, Walter, are a gigantic ass.
Walter: Pardon me?
Toby: You are so obsessed with keeping this team together. To attach some meaning as to why you are the way you are that you are willing to sacrifice love for it. I'm going to make it easy for you. You're a genetic fluke, so freaking what? It doesn't matter. What matters in life is love! And mine just walked out the door. I'm dying inside. I would do anything to make her come back here and say yes, and you, jackass, you pushed your love out the door to spend the weekend with another man! A big, sexy, muscled, Navy Seal man! Comprende, 197?

What did you think of the season finale? Is anyone else afraid that something bad is going to happen to either Walter or Paige and Tim on this drive to the jazz festival? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.

Remember you can watch Scorpion online anytime via TV Fanatic. See all of you next season!

Toby Or Not Toby Review

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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 24 Quotes

Sylvester: The company car?
Walter: About that. I missed the vote when my car became the company car.
Sylvester: Well it was a landslide, your vote wouldn't have mattered.

Paige: You don't like jazz?
Sylvester: No, I don't like touching shopping cart handles. I hate free form jazz.