Watch The Americans Online: Season 4 Episode 7

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Everyone was after Martha on The Americans Season 4 Episode 7.

Was it just a walk in the park for the married KGB asset?

Well, sort of.

The park is exactly where Martha went when she felt stressed. 

She reached out to those she loved, but everyone was on her tail.

Who reached her first? 

And even if it was the right agency, did the right person grab her in time?

Elizabeth struggled with Philip's emotions over Martha.

Gaad struggled with the fact his own secretary married a KGB agent on his watch.

Find out who nabbed Martha and who had their feelings hurt when you watch The Americans online right here by clicking above!

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The Americans Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Martha: What's your name?
Philip: Philip.
Martha: The name you were born with?
Philip: Mikhail, but everyone called me Misha.
Martha: Misha.

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Elizabeth: It wasn't your fault.
Philip: I shouldn't have left her alone.
Elizabeth: You didn't leave her alone.
Philip: She doesn't know Gabriel. She knows me.