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Arkady and his friend are looking for the best flight path to get Martha to Moscow.

Gabriel and Elizabeth look to Philip to understand where Martha might have gone. He doesn't want to admit he might know her well enough for that. Elizabeth just says, "She's seen your face." Gabriel says if it's in public and she starts screaming again, they may have no choice.

The FBI determines Martha's boyfriend has a fake identity. That's it then.

Philip and Elizabeth are looking for Martha. He wants Elizabeth to call every half hour. Philip is blaming himself. He shouldn't have left Martha alone. Philip knows Gabriel is right about what needs to happen to Martha if she pulls another stunt.

Martha is actually out on the street. Walking down the sidewalk. At least she has the good sense to be concerned about her safety now that she's out in the open.

The FBI wants Stan to contact his KGB guy to play him a tape.

Martha calls to tell her parents she's in trouble and to know that whatever they hear, she loves them. The FBI is listening and gets a line on her. She moves to a bridge. It looks like she's contemplating suicide.

Stan and Aderholt are at the park. The bridge is off to their right in the distance. They recognize it from a photo she was had with her parents in her photo album.

Martha calls Philip. She's off the bridge. She's so upset he left her with a stranger. She didn't know if he was coming back. It made her crazy. He wants to come and get her. She tells him where she is. Will he get her before the FBI does?

Arkady can't get a pilot and wants to know what what's her name is looking at in her file.

Elizabeth goes up to Martha before Philip, gun grasped. She seems to want an excuse to kill her.

Martha asks Philip for his name. He gives it to her.

Elizabeth asks Philip if he would go back and be with Martha. He says it's not like that. It's different. She knows it's different, she says. She understands. He says he loves Elizabeth. He'll be home in a few hours. She says he needs to stay. She kisses him passionately. Philip looks after her, confused.

The woman who sends the assets back to Moscow is the one who gets people killed. She says to handle Martha with extreme care.

Gaad cannot believe his secretary married a KGB officer.

Martha cannot believe she's going to Russia. And at least Philip is honest with her. He's not going to join her. Not even to visit.

She wants her parents to know. She doesn't know if she can do this. She'll be alone. That's what got her into this in the first place, she realizes with irony. Philip stays with Martha, fully clothed, laying beside her one last night.


The Americans
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The Americans Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Martha: What's your name?
Philip: Philip.
Martha: The name you were born with?
Philip: Mikhail, but everyone called me Misha.
Martha: Misha.

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Elizabeth: It wasn't your fault.
Philip: I shouldn't have left her alone.
Elizabeth: You didn't leave her alone.
Philip: She doesn't know Gabriel. She knows me.