Outlander Round Table: Jamie's Surprising Reaction

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Jamie discovered the truth about Black Jack on Outlander Season 2 Episode 4 and Mary Hawkins was subjected to a terrible tragedy.

Outlander round table participants Stacy Glanzman, Lisa Babick and Carissa Pavlica talk about that and wonder about Comte St. Germain and the mystery of La Dame Blanche, as well. Join the conversation of this wonderful show by sharing your thoughts in the comments or on social media!

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What did you think of Jamie's reaction to the news of Black Jack's living status?

Stacy: I was a little surprised by how happy he was, but it kind of made sense. He feels if he kills him himself, it will provide him closure and end the nightmares. It may be awhile before he has an opportunity, but just knowing he's out there and the opportunity will eventually come appears to be enough.

Lisa: It was surprising for sure. I can understand his wanted to kill Randall himself, but still, he was way too happy about it.

Carissa: We were all surprised, but agree it makes sense. Although, can anybody who wants to kill their tormentor themselves really be doing all that well? It definitely doesn't mean Jamie is healing, but just barely dealing.

What's up with the Comte Saint Germain? Isn't he carrying the grudge a little too far?

Stacy: I don't think we know for sure that it's him, though not sure who else it could be. Assuming it is, yes I'd say he's taking the grudge way too far and should really just let it go. He clearly doesn't realize (or doesn't care) that Claire's actions saved a whole bunch of people.

Lisa: I think there's something more going on with him than him just being ticked off about his boat. I don't know what it is, but there's something. Either that or he's just an evil bastard, because trying to poison a pregnant woman over a boat is just too much.

Carissa: With all these people Claire runs into in the past, you start to wonder if anyone was normal in the old days. You always hear about duels and hangings and different types of personal justice, but can you imagine living it? Black Jack, Germain, these people are flat out nuts. Yes, Germain is carrying it way too far.

Who is calling Claire La Dame Blanche and why?

Stacy: No idea. Maybe it had something to do with her necklace or the fact that she didn't get smallpox.

Lisa: My guess would be it was started by Comte Saint Germain. The fact he made comments at dinner regarding her necklace seems to point that way.

Carissa: I looked up La Dame Blanche to see what it meant (outside the show) and discovered the meaning ON the show instead. So, I don't know if this is a spoiler or not. But, SPOILER!!! It's her husband! To prove his fidelity? But I like the quote she receives from Magnus when she questions him, which is: "She is called a wisewoman, a healer. And yet ... she sees to the center of a man, and can turn his soul to ashes, if evil be found there."

If you were in Claire and Jamie's shoes and Mary was raped just before that dinner party, how would you have handled the situation?

Stacy: For one, I would have left Mary with a woman, not a man. I feel like Claire should have thought about that. It's not surprising she was terrified when she woke up. Claire should have been there with her.

Lisa: I would have cancelled and rescheduled the dinner party feigning sickness or something. The girl was raped, and they treated it like it wasn't a big deal only because they had more pressing matters. It was very selfish on their part.

Carissa: I agree with both Stacy and Lisa. It was weird that Claire was earlier worrying if they were becoming bad people only on the notion they were about to expose Louise's pregnancy for their own purposes, and then they mishandled the rape so badly. That was incredibly unfortunate.

Claire worried she and Jamie were becoming bad people. What are your thoughts?

Stacy: I don't think they're becoming bad people, maybe a little misguided, but not bad. They might be letting the mission cloud their judgment, and should probably think more about who they could be hurting, but outing the pregnancy wasn't that big of a deal. They acted as if it was the husband's. It's not like they said "congrats on your illegitimate child."

Lisa: I agree with Stacy. They're letting the mission cloud their judgment with everything from handling Mary to Louise's child. I thought inviting Louise and her husband was in poor taste, though I do understand the why behind it. Still, Claire isn't a very good friend if she's going to pull stuff like that.

Carissa: They're never going to be bad people. But they're definitely letting their hope that they can change the future cloud their judgment; I fully agree. The thing is, they know for sure they'll have an immediate impact, and it's an utter crapshoot whether or not they'll impact the historical future. When you think of Claire's face when she realizes all they did was for nothing, it makes you wonder what else is coming up that they'll regret in hindsight.

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Outlander Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Murtagh: Jamie's in a cheery mood.
Claire: Yes. I told him Black Jack Randall is still alive. I don't know what you were so worried about.

Claire: Jack Randall is alive. I met his brother, Alex, on our first visit to Versailles. He works for the Duke. He said that Randall was injured while on duty, and that he was very much alive.
Jamie: This is wonderful news. Why did you wait until now to tell me?