The Originals Season 3 Episode 21 Review: Give 'Em Hell Kid

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While I may not love the direction the storyline has taken in the last two episodes, the acting recently, and on The Originals Season 3 Episode 21 has been superb! 

Emotional, riveting, tear-inducing, fear-inducing, and perfect. My Friday nights are about to get a whole lot more boring, y'all.

Saying Farewell - The Originals

I know it's been two weeks now, but it wasn't really real to me that Cami is seriously gone until I watched Hayley, Elijah, Klaus, and Marcel say goodbye to her. And then the shot of her tomb? Ugh. Gutted. Fake New Orleans isn't the same without her. Never will be. 

Okay, okay. Enough about that.

Except how much potential was there when Marcel came in to lay a flower on Cami's memorial and Klaus decided he'd better go talk to him?

So much potential. And then, in typical Klaus fashion, he went and screwed it up by being unable to acknowledge that at least half of what Marcel was saying was right.

Klaus has included Marcel as part of his family when it's convenient. When it's not? Meh. Marcel's expendable. Just as Klaus abandoned Lucien, once upon a time he also abandoned Marcel. Marcel was sort of the reason Klaus had to run, but Klaus could've come home. He could've checked up on the son he so dearly loved.

But he didn't. He just traveled the world getting more and more paranoid and shoving his siblings into coffins to keep them under his thumb. And now he wants to play the "but we're family! bound by blood!" card.

Ugh. Klaus. Come on, dude. He was so close to being honest and real and open about the fact that he'd screwed up as far as Marcel was concerned. Another five minutes and he might've been there. 

Then Elijah showed up and ruined it all. When forced to choose between his brother and his pseudo-son, a man who held the power to undo Klaus in the palm of his hand, Klaus chose Elijah. 

He should've chosen Marcel.

"Always and Forever" can work both ways, and Klaus could've stemmed the tide of this impending war by being a little humble. It's probably what Cami would've wanted and recommended. IF SHE WERE ALIVE. You know. Not that I'm bitter.

So, big shocker! Marcel drank the potion when Vincent gave it to him. We never saw him drink it, but we definitely saw him coming back to life in the river after Elijah ripped his heart out. 

When did Elijah become the irrational one who roved around ripping hearts out and killing people all willy-nilly? 

Oh. Right. He became that when he needed an extra dose of shame and guilt in order to screw up the courage to kiss Hayley again.

That happened too, by the way. He tried to walk away from her and I expected her to stop him and kiss him, but then he turned around and kissed her and it is what it is. I'm okay with it. I just feel like there have been too many convenient things to happen lately which seem to have happened solely to move them in this direction.

It's weird. And the prophecy is still looming, and in the prophecy, Elijah is bitten, Hayley's face is covered in blood, and Klaus is being held down. There are flashes of a coffin, Rebekah's I presume.

Oddly enough in this prophecy, there's no mention of Kol or Freya dying. Does that mean they're scot-free in this instance? Kol hasn't really done anything to Marcel and if anyone else was hurt by Freya and Elijah's actions it was him. He also lost Davina with their rash decision making, so maybe he'll live.

Freya? Well, the city needs more than one witch, so maybe she'll survive, though I wouldn't put it past Marcel to go after her since she's the one who cast the spell that killed Davina.

I'm making a prediction here, and maybe it's a wild one, but I think Rebekah will wake up somehow, Marcel will undagger her or something, and he'll remember that once upon a time he loved her and he won't kill her. She'll be the one to talk him down from killing her siblings.

And then we'll flash three years into the future and Klaus will be gone. (We know he's not in New Orleans in three years thanks to The Vampire Diaries Season 7.)

Klaus will leave the city in exchange for Elijah somehow being healed and Marcel will once again be king.

Or Vincent will find a way to banish ALL the vampires from the city now that he's set on restoring the balance after severing the city's connection to the ancestors. 

He knew about this mystical thing before now. Why didn't he do this when they figured out the ancestors were helping Lucien and controlling Kol? I mean...hello. That would've been useful, dude. Where were you?

(He was being convenient, I suppose.)

My one request is that we get to keep Detective Kinney as our resident human because I need more Logan Echolls in my life and we need a human on the show. If I have to lose Cami, I want some eye candy, dammit. That's a totally fair trade.

What did you think of "Give 'Em Hell Kid"? How do you feel about Marcel turning into a super vamp? Why didn't Vincent sever ties with the ancestors before now? Jump in below and don't forget to watch The Originals online!

Give 'Em Hell Kid Review

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